“Of Two Minds” – A Blog by Renowned Author Charles Hugh Smith

Recently, Charles Huge Smith added our link to the front page of his blog: “Of Two Minds,” (right sidebar and under international sites). Publishing numerous books he covers economic, life, and political topics, focusing on the current economic imbalances and political climate. He delves into issues at both a psychological and philosophical level, offering insights found nowhere else.

Originally from California, his family moved to the Hawaiian island of Lanai. He graduated the University of Hawaii-Manoa with a degree in Philosophy. Later he became a successful residential and commercial builder, specializing in luxury homes. However, writing was his passion and calling. He returned to the San Francisco Bay area, beginning to write freelance articles about housing, design, and urban planning. Since then he has published seven novels and eight non-fiction books in addition to starting the Of Two Minds blog. The site has 3500 pages, achieving over 20 million page views since 2005. Moreover, Of Two Minds achieved mainstream notoriety, ranking seventh in CNBC’s list of top alternative sites!

Therefore, achieving this recognition, getting front page linking on his site, furthers that Letters from Norway tells a story not often heard in the mainstream.

Like many others, I found CH Smith’s blog via search, searching for alternative points of view after the 2008 Financial Crisis. It was impossible to trust anything you read, realizing that mainstream media, funded by advertising revenue from the perpetrators of the crisis, could never give a truly objective view. Would a newspaper, receiving substantial ads from real estate companies, tell people that buying a house is a bad idea, considering the climate? Would a financial magazine tell people that it’s better to invest in your own endeavors than buying stocks, hyped by the press and social media? The mainstream media, in those times, appeared to be reactive. I often ask people,

“What do they tell you the day before a major crisis?”

“Everything is fine! There hasn’t been a better time to buy!”

“Things Are Spinning Out of Control,” written May 25, 2011 caught my attention, drawing me to “Of Two Minds”. The article cited that all Central Banks are engaging in experimental monetary policy, dropping rates to zero and below, trying to stimulate demand. However, in the process they created massive bubbles which, if popped, would disrupt every government in the world, stoking revolutions. The article challenges the long-standing notion if central banks are in control or only doing more of the same (cutting rates and buying up bad debt), kicking the can down the road. For the layman, it’s like drinking more to avoid the inevitable hangover. However, as one keeps drinking, they destroy themselves in the process.

Since that article, savings and other responsible behavior, like thinking long term, has systematically been replaced with a gambling mentality and vision that only goes until next Tuesday. Debt is good and people even brag about how big their mortgages are when, in reality, it only indicates their degree of slavery and indentured servitude.

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