Trump: NATO Must Pay Up! Americans are Tired of Subsidizing the European Lifestyle

For those of you who missed it: our President states the facts. Being direct means being efficient and getting to the root of the problem as quick as possible with as little fluff as possible. If that is uncomfortable for the other leaders to hear, then they are not really leaders but rather career politicians with no backbone.

Norwegian media and many self-loathing American outlets criticized Trump’s speech. But has anyone given thought to his words, especially those referring to the burden on the American taxpayer? I often wonder how Americans tolerate working 50+ hours per week with less than two weeks’ vacation to subsidize Norwegians who do Å Nave (a recently invented Norwegian word to take welfare and hang out and find yourself). If Norwegians had to pay 2% plus all the years of back deficits, the Norwegian budget and attitudes towards work may change to something more realistic and positive.

Stoltenberg and Solberg remained stoic, perhaps realizing Trump is right but not a very political figure. They need to remember, Donald Trump was elected by Americans and not Europeans.

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