Trump Birds Visit Warsaw Poland

President Trump and Melania get a warm welcome in Poland, an ally in the war against Globalism. 


The Squatting Slav tells the story! 

Poles and Americans share a strong love of nation. Polish immigration helped make America great:

This is a story on “Drago” who went from doing time in a Soviet Gulag in Poland to becoming a US Navy SEAL, entering training at 32, well over the age limit. 

Young Poles see through the EU’s smokescreen for what it is: 

Europe’s Next Super Power: When you combine intense patriotism with a strong worth ethic, you get passion, doing things with a purpose in mind, serving a greater cause. If Poland continues down this route, they will end up employing lost and spiritually decapitated Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, French, and Germans in their cafe’s, restaurants, factories, construction companies and IT Sector.


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