Trump 101 for Norwegians

Misplaced emotions: Recently, Norway Today, quoting an Ipsos poll stated that 49% of Norwegians believe Donald Trump poses a significant threat to world peace. (Another 34% said a small threat, 12% didn’t know and 5% none at all). As an American living in Norway, I believe that the fears are baseless. In fact, I believe that the world will become more honest and in turn more secure. Here are the facts:

First, I am not a stereotypical Trump supporter: non-white male, highly educated and well-travelded, visiting almost 40 countries and held resident permits in five. In the past I voted for: 1988 Dukakis, 1992 & 1996 Bill Clinton, 2000 Gore, 2004 Bush, 2008 Obama, 2012 Gary Johnson and 2016 Trump. Hence, I made this choice myself, based on my own experiences, research, and observations.

Second, although Vladimir Putin may have hacked Hillary’s servers, I still would not have voted for her:

Dishonest: She was using a personal email server, for official business, instead of a secure government one, indicating integrity issues. The investigation continues, although Donald Trump stated that he would not pursue the matter. Moreover, there was a lot of speculation that Hillary, working with the DNC, derailed Bernie Sander’s campaign, causing a lot of hard-left liberals to lose faith in the Progressive movement.

Unqualified: Although having “40+ years of political experience,” she was still not qualified to be an American president. Hillary built her career, riding on her husband’s coattails. Experience does not always equate to qualification, and she should get no breaks just for being a woman. The US Presidency is far too serious for PC Theater. There are many examples of people who have been in the same company or business for years and don’t rise because they lack the right stuff. Moreover, political experience means that she was good at manipulating people and distorting facts to get her agenda across.

Dull: Hillary Clinton would have been more admired, both as a woman and leader, if she divorced President Bill Clinton after the affair and ran for president under her own name. Instead, she indirectly told women that it is ok to compromise values, personal pride, and integrity if the stakes are high. Moreover, she lacked the charisma and presence, required to be President of the United States. She speaks in a boring and monotone manner that is almost robotic, causing people to check emails or make grocery lists on their mobile phones.

Third, my reasons for choosing Donald Trump:

Jobs: The main reason I left the USA for Norway was the job situation. Not only is it difficult to find well-paid work but also the hours are extremely demanding (2500-3000 per year vs. 1430 in Norway). Most professional work requires extensive travel and relocation. Moreover, there is always the specter that your job could be offshored or taken by an H1-B (skilled visa holder) or B2 (business trip visa holder, often extended for years to work around restrictions). When Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions acknowledged abuse in these programs and promised to investigate, I was flabbergasted. (In an upcoming article, I will discuss “Social Dumping” and the abuse of skilled worker visas). Without secure and consistent work that rewards merit, it becomes difficult to make plans, build a family and buy a home. Even worse, it becomes nearly impossible to realize the greatest American benefit: starting your own business, which requires years of savings, experience and building a network.

Mainstream Media Bias and Corruption: I personally found the coverage of Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson disgusting. It almost seemed obvious that they were trying to “steer” us to choose between two candidates. While traveling around Europe, I often find that people are surprised to know that we had two other choices. Fighting on all fronts, Donald Trump handled the media like a bull fighter, calling them out.

Political Correctness (PC): PC is destroying the fabric of society, making it difficult to speak openly and honestly about obvious problems, affecting decision making. This scourge has permutated into the workplace, educational institutions, and government. Moreover, the basic element of society, the family is under attack. Parents are extremely limited in how they can raise their kids. Living in Norway makes me even more apprehensive of Liberal values. Bosses get harassment complaints about holding their workers to their words, schools cannot honestly challenge or grade students. It seems like a doctrine that contradicts mother nature itself and unsustainable. Lauren Southern of Rebel Media explains the faults of political correctness and loss of tradition:

PC gone wild and the end of Europe

Millennials, Tradition and Family

Liberal Intolerance: After Trump had won, I heard many people remark (including women) that “those” people should not be allowed to vote, and the Electoral College was archaic. The Liberals are supposed to be the educated ones who seek to first understand. Instead, it turns out they are the sorest losers, holding a grudge. The Pew Research Journalism Project shows that Liberals are more likely to block or unfriend someone because they disagree with them.

When discussing Trump with European liberals, without even listening to the logical reasons, they start calling those opposed to their views: racists, narcissists or sexists. They offer no data, facts or even a counter-thesis to bolster their arguments.

How the Electoral College Works

Living in Norway and traveling throughout Europe, I am seeing people devolve from individuals with character into hollow shells, parroting the mainstream narrative. The people who disagree do so quietly, as if they were partisans during WWII. Tied to huge mortgages (household debt) and indoctrinated with Jenteloven, they are susceptible to oppression.

Finally, How Trump will make the world a safer place:

Reality Politics: President Trump, criticized for what is actually needed, will draw attention to the White House and away from Hollywood and pro sports. The world will become a safer place when Americans find politics, which has a bearing on their lives, more interesting than entertainment, which only offers an escape from reality. They will be better informed, perhaps making them more responsible towards global events. Connecting directly with the people, skipping the mainstream media, may be highly underestimated. It means if we connect with him, through mass gatherings, he may listen more than a president buffered by a press corp.

Generosity: The new president has already demonstrated that he understands what matters most to the general population: jobs. Americans are pro-immigration when there are labor shortages and anti-immigration when it’s being used to devalue the workforce. Once Americans are working, prospering and feeling secure, our noteworthy generosity and openness will return.

Honesty and Integrity: We are dying the same way a frog does in boiling water, slowly and without knowing it. While we placate China, North Korea, and the Middle East, they are slowly increasing their capabilities while influencing western politicians and corporations. With Trump style honesty and audacity, we can put an end to this “inevitable” shift of power. It doesn’t have to be so; we can demand that our politicians work in our best interests versus global ones. Marking territories, regulating passage, and protecting the resources and people within is only natural. Riots and alt-right movements happen when governments undertake unnatural policy, which ignores the voice of the people. Europe and the Liberals in America were bypassing the most crucial step: gaining the consent of the people.

National and Personal Responsibility: The world will be a better and safer place when nations take responsibility for themselves, putting their own people first, instead of relying on the UN, EU and other global organizations. (Whenever there is a crisis, it is military forces, wearing UN uniforms, that do the heavy lifting. It would be easier for a small group of nations to cooperate among themselves.) It makes no sense why people must pay (tax) twice or even three times to be ruled. The world will be safer when people are self-aware, taking ownership of their own lives.

With the current political system, we cannot expect Trump to accomplish many of the feats, which he promised during the campaign. However, we can expect a change in tone and national awareness. That will lead to long term changes in people’s character and outlook, which is the most important thing for “Making the World Safe Again.”

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