The Oslo-American Perspective on President Trump’s Press Conference

Yesterday, President Trump delivered his first press conference in six months, sharing a lively dialog with the press. Even CNN, which he clobbered, conceded that he “nailed it.” It became apparent that his fearless and straightforward style is what’s required to solve the systemic problems within the US Government. His forthright manner conveyed energy and conviction: a patriotic American, ready to get the job started.

President Trump demonstrated, beyond a doubt, that a princely man from Midtown, living in a 5th Avenue Penthouse with a Boeing 757, understands the average American’s pain better than any self-made Democrat or Republican:

  • Health Care: Unlike mainstream Republicans, Trump acknowledged that Americans need universal healthcare that covers pre-existing conditions. However, rightfully, he acknowledged the problems with Obama care, calling for a repeal and replace. Interestingly, the health care stocks quickly sold off when he called out the pharmaceutical pricing. When President Trump comes to Norway, perhaps the leadership could tell him that it works here because the general population is rather healthy, eating properly and exercising regularly. The minimizes visits due to weight issues and thereby frees up the system for those in need.
  • JOBS! This is where Donald Trump won my vote, connected my vote and the triumphed on November 8, 2016. When Americans are unemployed or under-employed (working in McDonald’s after studying Aerospace Engineering), nothing else matters – not his tax returns, not his conversation with Billy Bush, absolutely nothing else. Americans love to work the same way that Norwegians love to take vacations. Work defines the American and is an integral part of their character, explaining why most of the world’s coolest stuff and movies come from there. Globalization has stripped most Americans, white, black, yellow, brown and whatever, of their dignity. To make things worse, Obama touts the current unemployment figure ca. 5% as an achievement.

“Only ‘dummies’ believe Fed’s unemployment figure.” – Donald Trump (May 2016)

The unemployment statistics do not count those who stopped looking for work and those who are underemployed. Counting the discouraged and those who could not find a 40 hour per week job, the unemployment rate is more like 9.7% Due to Obamacare, many employers turned full-time jobs into part-time ones, forcing the person to buy their own health care, required by law.

From personal experience, I can also affirm that the 5% unemployment figure is misleading. Moreover, professional jobs in the USA are precarious at best. The spectre of being outsourced, transferred or replaced by someone cheaper, constantly hangs over your head. No statistics can measure the current anxiety levels in the American workplace. It is something that must be experienced, working 20+ hours per week overtime to stay even.

I don’t think anyone in Norway could ever understand that. Many Norwegians think anyone working overtime does so because they are stupid or unproductive. However, what they fail to recognize is that the American manager gets two employees to work the amount of three, pocketing the savings. Hence, why American CEO salaries are so high. If there were more jobs in America, then a true labor shortage would occur – via the free market, causing wages and working conditions to improve as companies fight over workers. (In a future article, I will discuss the abuse of the skilled immigrant visas in more detail)

Donald Trump pledged to be the “greatest jobs producer that God ever created.” (Press Conference)

One more time: This election was about jobs. Americans want to work with dignity and respect!

Work Ethic poster

Although debatable on how many jobs Donald Trump saved or created, he has put forth more effort on this matter than any other president in my lifetime, especially during the transition period.

  • Trade: One of the root causes of our current job situation are the trade imbalances. Trump is absolutely right that an American leader should fight for his own people, making deals that ensure our future. Our past leaders have been utter Morons, giving our country away in the name of Globalization. American leaders are supposed to expand our prosperity and advantage, not diminish it.

The next US Ambassador to Norway will be quite busy. It appears that Norway will need to reduce tariffs, starting with the Amazon tax, allowing more American goods into Norway to correct these imbalances. Currently, an Ekornes chair is cheaper in the USA than Norway. A Camaro costing $60,000 in the USA costs $165,000 in Norway! Now, I can see why many Norwegian politicians strongly opposed “The Donald.

Source: US Census Bureau

Other noteworthy points included Vladimir Putin, cyber security, making it a priority as soon as he takes office, and beating up the Buzzfeed and CNN reporters, deservedly so. More interesting was that, in addition to not taking a salary, he will donate hotel revenues, gained from foreign government visitors to the US Treasury.

After watching this press conference, I came to realize that when I hear locals vigorously criticize Donald Trump, they are just envious. Growing up on Jenteloven, they cannot reason or comprehend that the mainstream media may have missed something. They say mainstream media as a constant like gravity and not a variable subject to the flaws inherent in human nature itself. Almost robotically, they just parrot mainstream memes as it were fashionable. Many others know better but fear that having a different view will lead to ostracisation or being labeled a racist, sexist or narcissist.

I am sure many Norwegians secretly wish for a leader like “The Donald,” who will state the obvious and take their side instead of selling them out (like Børge Brende did with the Chinese). Lately, after the election, I am finding it easier to help the naysayers see the light with the arguments above and the ones regarding immigration. With the main export (oil) in decline and a rapidly changing European landscape, Norwegians urgently need to elect leaders that are enthusiastic, patriotic and possesses business acumen, able to measure up to “The Donald.” The current cadre of parliamentarians and charlatans are rather unimpressive, driving the country into the ground with their naïve mindset.

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