Taking a Break from Podcasting

America an idea not a just a country

After much consideration, I decided to put podcasting on hold. With our limited resources, I must focus. Letters from Norway, in order to offer a different yet well-informed point of view, requires significant research, thought, and editing. Therefore, I must concentrate on what I am good at – writing

Podcasting requires a lot of work behind the scenes, which diverted my attention from writing. The current partnership did not work out due to the substantial production and marketing requirements, which came at the expense of writing. Parting ways with my partners, who wish to remain unnamed, I agreed to take down the previous podcasts.

However, I will keep the channel open with this single episode and continue to search for a new partner, willing to focus on the production, sound engineering, and marketing aspects of podcasting, allowing me to focus on quality content creation and overall management.

The Letter’s from Norway message is one about common sense rationality in topsy-turvey times. Living in Norway, I see America from the outside, looking in: both good and bad. Combatting Mainstream Media’s one sided narratives, we offer a 360-degree view and taking the view that the American national agenda and people must come before all others. The message builds on the basic definition of economics: managing unlimited wants against scarce resources.

For Norwegians, the message offers insight into the American ideology. There is more to our country than Hollywood movies, guns, and Big Macs. Our identity, based on merit, is a model for the world and one Norway should adapt if they want to turn the corner from resource dependence.

Thank you for visiting Letters from Norway and listening to our show. We will be back on the air! It’s just a matter of time.

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