Russian Influence in Alaska

Alaska’s interesting history Many Russians will tell you that America stole it but really it was their own who did not read The Art of the Deal, selling it for pennies on the dollar.  

Trump Birds Visit Warsaw Poland

President Trump and Melania get a warm welcome in Poland, an ally in the war against Globalism.    The Squatting Slav tells the story!  Poles and Americans share a strong love of nation. Polish immigration helped make America great: This is a story on “Drago” who went …

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Russia Now the Top Crude Oil Producer

by Claudia Carpenter at Bloomberg February 20, 2017 Saudis lose top spot for 1st time since March: official data U.S. ranked No. 3 with output of 8.8 million barrels a day Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest crude producer in December, when both …

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Norwegian-Russian History Refresher

Norwegian-Russian History Refresher I grew up in the 1980s, fearing the USSR. It was everyone’s dream that we would get along with the Russians, avoiding a Nuclear Holocaust. Russia did more for America as an enemy, challenging our engineers and scientists than Europe did as …

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