Norway’s Moderate Economic Upturn Continues

Published by SSB – The Moderate Upturn Continues 30 November 2017 Table: Main economic indicators 2005-2020. Accounts and forecasts. Percentage change from previous year unless otherwise noted The turnaround in the economy was driven by a highly expansive fiscal and monetary policy, a weak krone, low …

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Economy Page Updated

This month we started to track the following: M3 Money Supply Money Supply Per Capita Ratio – showing true inflationary trends Calculated burn rate of the fund: Fund Value/Budget Deficit Please visit the updated page.

Economy Page Updated!

The economy page has been updated. The budgetary figures have been updated using figures from the Norwegian State Budget website instead of Statistics Norway. Per a reader’s email, it is more accurate to use non-petroleum budgetary figures to better reflect that state of the economy. …

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Economy Page Update

We updated the Economy page with the latest figures from Statistics Norway, Norges Bank, and other sources. Please see the pages: In the Budget Indicators dashboard, we added Government Budget and Expenditures.  That will better reflect overall government fiscal health. We renamed the final dashboard to …

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Norway’s Lowest Trade Surplus in 17 Years

The Norwegian trade balance continues to deteriorate as oil loses significance. When surpluses turn to deficits, the NOK will be affected. In these situations, nations (Central Banks) generally like to see their currencies weaken to boost exports. Norges Bank recently indicated that a rate cut …

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The Norwegian Economy Overview Section

Please visit the Economy section, located on the sidebar. The page lists the key economic indicators, going back to 2006. The dashboard gives a historical perspective in a convenient format. The figures are updated monthly to quarterly, depending on data releases from Statistics Norway, Norges …

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