Steve Bannon For Norwegians: Part I

Trump’s Puppet Master?

Mainstream media would like us to believe that President Donald Trump does not think for himself, controlled behind the scenes. Liberals and the mainstream tout Steve Bannon not only as a white nationalist but also the one “manipulating” Trump. He has been accused of fear mongering and stirring tensions. Even Glen Beck, the classic neocon, called him a nightmare. No one has received more sharp criticism than Bannon, not even the President. However, after reading Breitbart for the past eighteen months alongside mainstream media, nothing could be further from the truth.

In the video at 17s, the Democracy Now reporter leaves out the “just listen for a while” when quoting him. The mainstream media missed everything trying to pontificate a Globalist agenda to the American people.

The VOX documentary on Bannon was especially smug. They completely discounted history and fundamental human nature as outdated and irrelevant since we live in “modern times.” They brushed off events that actually happened and never mentioned the sacrifices that were made to create the western world. The “Alt-Right,” portrayed as rampant racists, are nothing more than hard working taxpayers concerned about their country. Like myself, this new era caught them off guard. Our President (Obama) like never before, started downing his own country, apologizing to everyone for everything. Everything we grew up believing was now offensive. Luckily our generation had a stronger allegiance to America than any single person, no matter their position.

Growing up in 1970’s and 1980’s America, we recited the “Pledge of Allegiance” and sang “This Land is Your Land” every morning before starting class. Even my very liberal public school in Minnesota, we were taught to prioritize, in order of importance, God, country, and family. Even the non-religious understood that and the underlying reasoning; America was built on a bedrock of ideology and principle found nowhere else in the world. Furthermore, everyone one of us had to memorize Patrick Henry’s indelible line, declared on March 23, 1775: “Give me liberty, or give me death!” We (Generation X) and those before did not learn about Globalism, except that, in the context, very determined people come to America to realize their dreams, becoming equals after taking the US Citizenship Oath.

Instead of offering a counter ideology, the Left invented many new terms, labeling patriots and everyday working people as racists, narcissists, or nationalists. Lately, they have been using the word “misogynist.” Hence, most mainstream media consumers, too lazy to read beyond the headlines, completely miss the boat on Steve Bannon. As a highly educated American of Indian origin, I find that Steve Bannon speaks with conviction and from the heart. These days, very few people do that. To the untrained ear, it sounds scary. However, it is only the truth. (That may explain Breitbart’s meteoric rise) It turns out that Steve Bannon not only understands history, economics, media, and philosophy, but he is also able to connect them, showing how they interrelate. Then he relates their impact on average working people, too exhausted to think about those things. That is dangerous to the corrupt establishment, explaining their irrationality.

American Influence

Presidents Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) and Andrew Jackson (1767-1845)

To know Steven Bannon, one must fundamentally understand America at its’ core: the history of our founding in 1776. I grew up listening to my mother talking about Thomas Jefferson, studying for her US Citizenship exam. So much so, repeating everything she told me at school, that my friends thought he was my very cool and rich uncle. Later, in high school, The Thomas Jefferson Hour went on air. It became mandatory listening at home. America was as important as good grades and sports in my parent’s eyes.

President Donald Trump puts up a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office

Therefore, Donald Trump is Andrew Jackson (POTUS #7), the temperamental gunslinger, getting things done fast, and Steven Bannon is Thomas Jefferson (POTUS #3), the philosopher, underlying executive action with reason and purpose. One does not control the other. Instead, they are compliments, which balance action with foresight.

Although Jackson’s and Jefferson’s lifetimes crossed, Andrew Jackson was just a boy, albeit a brave one, during the American Revolution. This time, they are working together, reincarnated as successful billionaires, fighting unchecked Globalism.

A Son of Virginia

As California represents technology and film, Virginia represents the American founding and core ideology. During the US Civil War, both capitals, Richmond and a significant part of Washington DC, were in Virginia. Many of the key battles, like Bull Run (Manassas) and the Naval battle between the first two ironclad ships: Monitor and Merrimac, took place there. Before the Civil War, it was Thomas Jefferson’s birthplace. In addition to building Monticello, he founded the University of Virginia. Moreover, many Revolutionary War battles took place there as well, namely Yorktown, Great Bridge, and Petersburg.

Steve Bannon – A Billionaire who cares about the American people. 

Hence, to understand America and Steve Bannon, one must first understand Virginia. We are all influenced by the lands where we were born. Like California, it is diverse, moving from north to south. Northern Virginia, including Washington DC and Alexandria, are now mostly progressive and left leaning. The main industry is politics, appeasing whomever to get whatever. Southeastern Virginia, including Virginia Beach and Norfolk, are just the opposite. The Navy dominates the local economy, and the people are genuinely patriotic, adhering to traditional American values. While I was in the Navy, stationed in Virginia Beach, I had the opportunity to traverse the state from North to South, often taking detours to see the historical sites. Before one can comment on American ideology, one should make that trip and take the time to walk in the footsteps of our forefathers.

Virginia Washington Monument 2011.JPG

The Virginia Washington Monument in Richmond, commemorating notable Virginians who took part in the American Revolution: Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Andrew Lewis, John Marshall, George Mason, and Thomas Nelson Jr.

Steven Bannon, born in Norfolk in 1953 and grew up in Richmond. Growing up, he was a brilliant student, surrounded by American history, attending a private Catholic School. He was known to be combative and full of energy. Like many Americans of the era, the founding fathers were his childhood heroes, influencing him throughout life. Attending Virginia Tech, he was elected student body president. After graduation, he served as US Naval Officer, for almost eight years, specializing in Surface Warfare. During that time, he earned a masters degree in national security studies at Georgetown, attending classes at night. After the Navy, he earned an MBA from Harvard, graduating in 1985. Joining Goldman Sachs, he did mergers and acquisitions. After five years, he went on his own, finding success in making films that confronted the dangers to America. Later, in 2012, after the death of Andrew Breitbart, he became the CEO of Breitbart News. He has three children, one of whom, a daughter, that graduated WestPoint and serves as a US Army Officer.

That biography is hardly the profile of a racist and white nationalist but more of an overachiever (something not celebrated in Norway). Spirited and determined, he overcame adversity, competed and won, driven by a strong work ethic and sound beliefs. More than understanding America’s unique history, culture and place in the world, he wants to defend it against evil doers. Reflecting on history, something the Left fails to read, there is precedence of those trying to undermine or divide us both externally and from within. If you think that is crazy, then ask yourself why is life getting harder and not easier, despite all the technology and liberalism.

My father on a single salary, working as an engineer without the luxury of computers or MS Excel, afforded a home, two cars, supported his wife and two kids and took four weeks off every year, taking us to Florida. Moreover, our family was debt-free (except for a 15-year mortgage). Today’s engineers do not have that life at 28. They are mostly in debt, with student loans and car payments, and lucky to live in a condo (mortgages for 30 years), getting two weeks off at best.

The answer is quite simple: Globalism. Steve Bannon, a well-educated hard-working man, achieving the American dream, is deemed a racist instead of a patriot for calling that out.

 Continued: Part II – Policy Analysis and the Importance of History.

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