Steve Bannon For Norwegians Part II

Policy Analysis

Listening to Steven Bannon’s policies, even told by VOX (this video does more to promote Bannon than tear him down) and Quartz (they dismiss him as a mere filmmaker), in a historical context, it’s quite obvious that he is concerned about America’s departure from an inward facing agenda to a Global one. The criticism from the Left discounts one major concept governing the universe, economics, and our daily existence: the need to balance limited and scarce resources against unlimited wants.

Steve Bannon clearly recognizes our departure from the fundamentals that maintained our position while accommodating for systematic change, leading to progress without loss of national identity. In fact, American progress, defined by deeds, actions, merit and innovation became our national identity and culture whereas in Europe they are still trying to figure out what concept even means. Furthermore, Bannon, like no other, recognizes that we will not get our country back without a fight! Analyzing Bannon’s Concerns:

Islam: The elephant in the living room that is too sensitive to discuss. Before criticizing Bannon, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Can your Christian, Hindu, or Atheist son, keeping their beliefs and not converting, marry a Muslim girl without repercussions?
  2. Why are so many from Islamic nations migrating to western countries and not the other way around?
  3. What happens when a Muslim, especially a woman, disavows or converts from her faith.
  4. Why have we not seen any reformation in Islam, led by the Saudi or Jordanian Royal Families like we did with Christianity and the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, becoming more amicable and tolerant?
  5. Bonus Question: My parents had to flee in 1947 from their homes in what is now Pakistan to India in one of the largest mass migrations in history. My family experienced many tragedies including loss of life, property, and dignity during the move. Later my parents immigrated to America, taking up guns, Jesus and the NFL – becoming part of the American mainstream! Pakistan became a Muslim homeland while India remained the America of Southeast Asia, taking and tolerating everyone, including Muslims.

So, why does a religion of peace need exclusive nations, beheading those who deviate?

Hindus fleeing what is now Pakistan in 1947

From personal experience, having lived among Muslims in the suburbs of Stockholm and having both Shia and Sunni friends, the threat is real and their agenda, taking down secular western nations, and contempt for our society does exist. Moreover, it is not hard for believers, who have conviction and passion, to get voted into government and gradually change the laws to their favor. Meanwhile, the non-believers, oblivious, afraid to speak up, or content, don’t notice the subtle changes. Ironically, democracy’s strength can also become its’ weakness when the citizenry is complacent.

Norwegians, educated doesn’t mean blindly drinking the Kool-Aid. It means critical thinking.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, most of whom cannot read, making their masses prone to manipulation. That is not a conspiracy theory or hate mongering, that is just a recitation of the facts. Confirmed if you ask people in Israel, India, and now Western Europe. (I read the Koran cover to cover in 1983.)

America’s foundation, based on Protestant values, promotes literacy, independence, and personal responsibility. I am not even religious, believing we descended from monkeys six million years ago in the Rift Valley (East Africa), but I recognize the Protest values underpinning of our national identity and the importance to uphold it vigorously. Beyond the Jesus stories, the Bible lays a foundation for ethics, law, and principles found in all Western societies.

Really Nike? They are already exploiting Chinese women (working in factories).

Therefore, we must confront this “elephant in the living room,” forcing an Islamic reform like that for Christianity in the 1500’s, or it will stomp us out in while we sleep. America is the only country strong enough ideologically, spiritually, and physically to counter this civilizational threat. Steve Bannon is right.

The clash of civilizations happens when only side one can coexist and the other one cannot.

Immigration: Bannon’s immigration policy roots back to the very basics and definitions of nationhood and sustainability within a boundary condition. Leaders should not only ensure long-term national survival but also continued prosperity. The concerns about illegals are quite obvious. It is not racist to want to know who is entering your country and for what purpose. The concern about legal immigrants goes even deeper.

Steve Bannon eludes to the fact that unchecked legal immigration threatens our culture. That is actually true since we no longer require immigrants to learn American history, at a deep level, as my parents did. It was hard, and people studied for months before taking the citizenship exam. Others volunteered for Vietnam to expedite the process. Immigrants in both my parents and my generation understood what America was about and treasured its’ uniqueness. To this day, my parents and many immigrants like them buy only American made cars and brands as much as possible.

In the past we had a frontier, attracting a different type of immigrant: a hungry one seeking prosperity and willing to pay the ultimate price to get it. Leaving behind everything, before the age of modern communication, they were cut off from the old country and received no benefits from the government. Through hard work they Americanized, socializing with those closest to them, not most like them. Having no other choice, they adapted to the environment, adding to our culture of resilience and free spirited determination. The postal service was the only government institution they could access. That only worked in English.

Now, immigrants are coming en masse from failed or repressive regimes as consumers of Globalism. They never connect the dots, trying to understand why America is what it is and the rest of the world is not. I heard many newcomers and naturalized citizens, especially in New York and Philadelphia, state that America does not have a culture or history. Connected to the Internet to the old country, integration into our society and becoming part of the American fabric, stagnates. That stifles them from reaching full potential while putting our country at risk.

Sure, one can argue that is their right to free expression, but it should also be a sign that we need to reinstate tougher standards for immigration and citizenship, requiring knowledge of our history, civics and the current economic system. Steve Bannon and President Trump are correct: Immigration into America is a privilege and not a right. It must be managed so that we can grow our country without having it toppled by people who have no idea what or how special it is.

The hypocrisy is that European nations and all other westernized nations vigorously enforce immigration laws much more than America. Norway recently deported a record number of illegals in 2016 and even turned away most women seeking refuge from human trafficking. Living in Norway and having traveled Europe, I often experience passport checks within the Schengen zone upon arrival to my destination. However, while traveling domestic in America, my identity was never challenged.

Moreover, when one immigrates to a European country, seeking permanent residency, they must learn the language (300 hours if a skilled worker and 600 hours in Norway). Moreover, they must take a social studies course (50 hours in Norway) and pass the exam for both.

Fiscal: Steve Bannon’s declaration, “I am an (American) Economic Nationalist” clearly illustrates that he is with the American people. The Left at one time was for the American people. They were pro-labor, advocating for the best interests of the American family. Now they brand people, opposed to building middle classes in third world countries at the expense of our own, as racists. To know Bannon’s view on economic policy, once again, requires an understanding of America’s foremost Founding Father:

History: The Left has this habit of dismissing history without considering the physical human being. I hear much chatter around Oslo, regarding Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson and the founding our nation as something that happened so long ago: as if it were now irrelevant. Nothing could be further from the truth. If we lose knowledge of our founding, America and the world soon thereafter will be lost forever.

Our current species, homo sapien-sapien, has changed very little in the past 50,000 years after merging somewhat with the Neanderthals. Before that, home sapiens go back 200,000 years. The brain capacity, fingers, legs, eyes, ears, etc. are more or less the same. Moreover, the social needs, tendencies, preferences and weaknesses remain as well. Only the tools and education have changed.

Although better informed and able to swipe things on a phone, we are still human. So, the past remains relevant, providing an excellent reference on what could happen now and in the future, given the same or similar precursors.

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” – Mark Twain.

Therefore, Steve Bannon’s main concern is that American’s are lacking conviction, underplayed by a sense of national identity. He furthers that it takes only one-third of the people, against one-third opposed and the rest apathetic, to make things happen. We can be assured that he is no fascist but rather an incarnation of our Founding Fathers:

“If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything.” – Alexander Hamilton (First Us Secretary of The Treasury)

Part III –Restoring American Ideology, Summation, and Thoughts for Norwegians.

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