Russiagate and the Comey Memo for Norwegians

Many in Oslo are hopeful that President Trump’s presidency is coming to an end, impeached for trying to influence an investigation and ties to Putin. However, like most, they are basing their opinion and hopes on mainstream media reporting and Liberal propaganda.

An MSM Norwegian Paper on May 22, 2017, reports that DJT had a tough week both at home and abroad. Don’t get your hopes up Norwegian liberals. DJT carries the American spirit of determination and persistence, fighting off all attackers.

Stefan Molyneux, in the video below, explains the case in detail, debunking the myths propagated by MSM. Trump critics will be sad to find out that it is a witch hunt after all.
During the nearly 40-minute deep dive analysis, Mr. Molyneux makes the following points, citing credible sources and historical reference:

What the President actually said versus what the media reported:

  • President Trump said, recorded in a hand-written memo by Comey, “I hope that you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.” (Regarding the FBI investigation of Lt. General Michael Flynn – the former National Security Advisor).
  • Note that the key word is hope, like wishful thinking, and not giving orders.
  • The smoking gun or the memo itself is highly questionable and not truly official since it was taken out of protocol and validated by only Comey himself.

Nevertheless, these were the headlines:

  • NBC: “Comey memo says Trump asked him to end Flynn investigation.”
  • MSNBC: “Comey memo says Trump asked to drop Flynn probe.”
  • CNN: “The James Comey memo is an existential threat to Donald Trump’s presidency.”
  • Salon: “Donald Trump sinks ever deeper: Comey’s explosive memo caps another day of deepening White House scandal.”
  • Washington Post: “Trump asked Comey to shut down Flynn investigation.”
  • LA Times: “Comey wrote a memo after Trump asked him to end FBI probe.”
  • Think Progress: “Trump asked Comey to kill Flynn investigation.”

Legal experts agree that Trump may have fouled but did not break any laws.

Professor Jonathan Turley (George Washington University): The term “corruptly” is actually defined differently under the various obstruction provisions, but it often involves a showing that someone acted “with the intent to secure an unlawful benefit for oneself or another.” Encouraging leniency or advocating for an associate is improper but not necessarily seeking an unlawful benefit for him.

The criminal code demands more than what Comey reportedly described in his memo. There are dozens of different variations of obstruction charges ranging from threatening witnesses to influencing jurors. None would fit this case. That leaves the omnibus provision on attempts to interfere with the “due administration of justice.”

However, that still leaves the need to show that the effort was to influence “corruptly” when Trump could say that he did little but express concern for a long-time associate.

In essence, DJT was out of line but not obstructing justice or breaking the law. The President is an outsider with less than one month of political experience at the time (February 14, 2017).

Former California Defense Attorney Anchor Gregg Jarrett: Obstruction requires what’s called “specific intent” to interfere with a criminal case. If Comey concluded, however, that Trump’s language was vague, ambiguous, or elliptical, then has no duty under the law to report it because it did not rise to the level of specific intent. Thus, no crime. There is no evidence Comey ever alerted officials at the Justice Department, as he is duty-bound to do.

Under the law, Comey is required to immediately inform the Department of Justice to immediately inform the Department of Justice of any attempt to obstruct justice by any person, even if the President of the United States. Failure to do so would result in Criminal Charges against Comey. He would also, upon sufficient proof, lose his license to practice law.

– In essence, if Comey thought there was criminality in the Presidents statement, he should have reported the conversation right away and not three months later! Now he is either in trouble for not following official protocol or for attempting to smear our president. Additionally, Molineux’s analysis asserts that it is very possible that Comey kept memos on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, which could reveal truly nefarious activities that were never reported.


Russiagate is going to end up more like the 1980’s Iran-Contra scandal with General Mike Flynn playing the part of Colonel Oliver North. Comey, pretending to be “flip-flopper” John Kerry, is in for some hard times if the Department of Justice decides to follow the law and protocol.  We must remember that President Trump is not a professional politician and will make mistakes from time to time. Hence, we must look at “intent” and the fact that he is a 70-year-old billionaire grandfather who decided to give something back to his country.  He has the best of intentions to restore our pride and economy.

The press has an obligation to dig into this further, trying to not only understand Comey’s motives but also what else he may be holding back from years of service as both the head and an executive in the FBI.  Nevertheless, considering a study, citing that most journalist’s brains “operate at the lower level than the average population,” caused by dehydration from drinking too much, we cannot count on them to report the truth in a neutral manner.  A report from Harvard validates that point, statistically proving that there is a huge mainstream media bias against the president. The mainstream media has no interest to convey facts that help us make better decisions. Rather they want to spread propaganda and distort the facts, confusing us. Keeping us off balance, they can divide the nation and kill the American identity and a sense of purpose that built our country.


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