Replying to Reader Mail


This is a short and unedited podcast, responding to viewer mail. Matt, our sound editor, is off, enjoying the 4th of July Weekend. There are some pauses between sections where I took a break. I tried to remove those the best I could.

Letter and Chocolates from Jim

Jim, the name given to a Norwegian wishing to remain anonymous, wrote me a letter and even sent a donation that we are on the right track and I should keep up the good work. He listens to our podcasts while driving to work. He told us that the truth was refreshing. I was very happy. We met for a drink in downtown Oslo, discussing current events and monetary policy.

Before we started talking, he gave me a box of Anton Berg chocolates for my wife. Although working behind the scenes, she is becoming quite popular.

He told me that Norwegian media, in general, is very one sided and the opposition is too extreme, so much so their policies would be impossible to implement. There is nothing in the middle, taking into account reality. We hope to fill that gap with rational conservatism based on the principles of the American Founding Fathers.

I would like to thank Jim for his time and support. My wife sends her thanks for the chocolates. It’s really great to see that we are striking a chord with hardworking people.

Responding to Post about the 4th of July in Oslo Article

I received a valid critique on our Facebook Page from a local Democrat after posting a story about the 4th of July Picnic at Frogner Park, mostly making fun of the Democrats for living in the past, selling Hillary t-shirts and having Obama photos.


I initially thought this page was going to be something a bit different than what the title suggested.

Did you think this was going to be a blog about Fjords and Bunads and how I am finding my way here? That assumption is partly true. I don’t write about the generic stuff. There are dozens of blogs out there doing that. They all talk about the same boring stuff, how Norwegians are anti-social and the weather is great in summer and sucks in winter. I want to talk about stuff that matters and affects us. We live in a democracy and everyone must be engaged to uphold it.

I liked the idea of an American perspective of living in Norway and their experience.
However, upon further review I see that it is fairly one-sided, misguided, and a baseless attempt to explain Norway and other topics.

Can you be more specific on what exactly where I am misguided and baseless?

I cite sources or my own personal accounts of what I have seen with my own eyes. I actually offer both sides of the story and what I think are the root causes. I have been living in Norway for the past four years, paying my taxes, taking the required language and social studies courses and passing the exams required for citizenship. I am not sure what is baseless in my explanations.

I go back to the US only once every two years and spend most of my holidays in my apartment. Therefore, I eat sleep and breath Norway.

Although you try to play it fair and balanced, (re: your voting record), I see this as primarily a far-right soap box in the making.

My voting record and background (Engineer with an MBA) should be inviting conversations from Democrats. Why did this Minnesota born, originally, hard left liberal turned to Trump. The short answer is that the Democrats decided to put the world’s problems ahead of American ones. The whole principle of elected leadership is that we delegate responsibility to represent or interests.

I saw Chicago go down the toilet with Obama in power. I studied at The University of Illinois at Chicago. Obama failed is own hometown, favoring the global agenda over taking care of those who voted for him and paid his salary. (Liberal Sources: CNN: Chicago Murder Rate in 2016 Chicago Tribune: Suicide Rates Soaring (Obama Years))

I would say that we are a “just right” soap box and very open minded. I want Norwegians to get an alternative perspective so they can make better decisions.

Here are some articles showing that I am not one sided or misguided. My compass is America: The Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, and love of country.

My Stance on Flag Desecration

John McCain is an Idiot

Your “bookmarked” pages clue me in on this. Most notable, Breitbart, Real Norwegian News, and Norgesavisen are all rife with far-right agenda, “facts”, and conspiracy theories; this says a lot. Also, Norgesavisen doesn’t even publish the name of the writers, so how can you trust them?

All the sites I bookmarked are from people that I have met or interacted with extensively. I go for walks on Karl Johan just about every day, talking to anyone who wants to be social.

Breitbart has been getting it right. Trump won; CNN turned out to be fake news. I always read Breitbart with a grain of salt, comparing it with Reuters and AP to develop my own perspective.

Zero Hedge – Did you know they have done some very important journalism, exposing fraud by the big banks? They are actually a highly regarded site, receiving more readership than many mainstream media outlets (Alexa Rank 1424 in May 2017). They have been good to me, publishing my stories that draw attention to worrisome areas of the Norwegian economy.

Norgesavisen – I met them in downtown Oslo. Although they are not the most dapper and articulate of people, they had some valid points and I believe they should be heard. I don’t judge people by how they look or talk but by rather what they do and believe in. I believe that they want is what is best for Norway: a nation, and not a marketplace in a global economy. I am not white and they were very nice to me. Therefore, they are not a racist group.

Not publishing names: Norway is a small country and these people must worry about implications from those closest to them, at work or even in their own families. It is like the Amish community back home. If you don’t believe absolutely in your small circle’s ideology, you will be ostracized. Moreover, all your details are public on or Gule Sider (The Gold Pages). Hence, I also use a pseudonym so that I don’t get tracked down and harassed when the police are on vacation.

Real Norwegian News: I met one of their correspondents. He is a nice guy and invited me to hang out with his friends, helping stimulate productive conversation on how to build a winning platform. They have legitimate concerns. He acknowledged there has been immigration to Norway, even before the Viking age. However, they just don’t want to be replaced.

I am non-white (Indian origin) and I even acknowledge the niceties of western civilization, originating from Northern and Anglo European white people. I would rather see India, where my parents come from, become more like America or Norway than vice versa. Many of us immigrants reconciled this and want to uphold the system. I would say more so than even the locals, knowing what is on the other side. I have been going to India every two years since I was two. Despite the crap you read in the mainstream media, it’s getting worse. An Indian woman can wander the streets of Oslo alone with little difficulty but a Norwegian woman, wandering the streets in India, in the non-foreigner areas, risks her life and dignity.

How can I take you seriously when you make comparisons of Norway to North Korea?

Did you read these articles in its’ entirety?

Norway has a fantastic history, rooting back the Vikings and even before. However, instead of teaching 780-1066 history in my social studies course, we learned about the Romanic Nationalism, manufactured in the mid-1800s. Manufacturing history by inventing languages and costumes, loosely based on reality is quite North Korean in nature. Moreover, during my classes and interactions with people, I was constantly being lectured on how to fit in Norway, what I can talk and not talk about. I felt like I was being indoctrinated instead of being told the possibilities and potential.

I argue in my article that Norway doesn’t have to do what the North Koreans do, making up history and languages (Nynorsk), when they have a great one with the Vikings era. The Vikings had a sense of contract between leaders and followers, predating the Magna Carta signing in the 1200s.

I find it ironic that Norwegians who wish to be nameless say that I am spot on while an American representative of the Democratic party says that my writings are far right and baseless.

Now, yes, this is a page about your perspective, but really you try to shape that view into a common view of general people. If you keep using your perspective, you should follow grammar rules and re-title it to “An American” or “One American” Perspective in Oslo.

Moreover, I originate quite a bit of my material from eye witness accounts. I not only roam around Karl Johan but also into the far reaches of the city like Homila, and Gorud to see things for myself. So, I have perspective.

During the election, I got pretty fed up with the beta males and Norwegian SJW’s giving their expert opinions on what America should do without having lived and worked there as one of us.

On the business card and website, we are “An American perspective from Oslo.” I updated the Facebook page to reflect that. Thanks for the heads up. But I think this is sour grapes, since you lost the presidential race and the two congressional seats. I am still laughing my “Oss Off.”

I would try to open public debate with you but I feel that if I don’t recite information from Fox News, Breitbart, or ZeroHedge you won’t listen. Which says how much Kool-Aid you have drank.

I don’t drink Kool-Aid. It’s artificial and when made, it has too much sugar. Joking aside, I don’t recite anything but I do quote it if it makes sense and I feel that there is a view in Norway not being heard.

My site is open for public debate on the Facebook page. All the stories are pushed out there instantaneously, open for comments and I am listening. Bear in mind I accepted a donut from the Republicans and a Rice Krispy bar from Democrats but I am neither. I am just an American, living in Oslo, telling my story. I look forward to meeting you at Left Wing night in the near future.

Wrap Up

Have a safe 4th of July Weekend.

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