Reader Mail: Passiveness and Norwegian Political Alternatives

Darrell from Texas wrote:

Hey “Nick.”

I love your site, my man! Thank you for putting in the effort. I found you originally via Zerohedge and have been reading your articles since.

I am a frequent visitor to Norway, traveling to Oslo and Molde almost every year to visit close friends. Over the years, I too have observed some very disturbing things about Norwegian society. There is no doubt that it is a great nation with wonderful people, but it seems to me that there are some core things that might be turning into cancer in their society. The demasculinization of men, a strange obsession with becoming a multicultural society, the culture of anti-business and anti-monetary success, and the total addiction to oil and gas as a means of funding everything.

In talks with my Norwegian friends, many of them privately agree with a lot of these things, but I do not see any movement to change them. The politics there also seem like there is little difference between the major parties, so I do not see any significant political movement to address these things.

Anyways, I just wanted to reach out and let you know that people all over the world are reading your blog. Keep it up!

Letters from Norway Reply

We appreciate the encouragement, running on sheer will. Letters from Norway is a self-funded project, driven to voice the truth and those “don’t go there” and “elephant in the living room” topics. However, if we do not discuss the difficult topics, western democratic society, which took 60+ to make, going back to the Vikings, could be lost in one generation. Norwegian history, like the American one, is rich with battles and turning points that could have easily derailed the democratic development. It is much like the story of our human evolution, filled with twists and turns. If that journey only missed one of those junctures, we would have remained in the trees, fighting over termites, ants, and fruits.

The War on the Family

Nowadays, an establishment, hellbent on undoing self-determination, has drugged society with entertainment subduing them with political correctness, enforced by their peers. Meanwhile, history education falls to the wayside, causing an identity crisis. Now, the average person is not comfortable with their Jeffersonian responsibilities: informing themselves, participating and challenging the system when necessary, and vigorously upholding their democracy.

Breaking down the society starts with the men, emasculating them while teaching for gender neutrality to the next generation. (This Prager University video hits a home run, describing the phenomenon)

That leads to a breakdown in the family. The lost members turn to the state, seeking support and “guidance.” Moreover, the prevailing tone that undermines taking personal responsibility and risk, feeling the joy of success and the agony of defeat has taken root. Those trials and tribulations are what make us human and should not be medicated with drugs or “snowflake” talk. Nevertheless, two generations of socialism managed to domesticate much of Nordic society: more so in the major cities and less so in the frontier.

Multiculturalism vs. Diversity

Multiculturalism is when a society must compromise its’ values, beyond reason, to accommodate newcomers. That is much easier to do when the indigenous people had their identities ripped from them and brainwashed with PC tones. Multiculturalism leads to a lot of confusion and discrimination, allowing certain segments of society to adhere to different laws than the rest. (i.e. Sharia courts in the west.) It is why the suburbs of Stockholm have Swedish/Arabic/Farsi hybrid languages, making it impossible for those people to get jobs in Sweden and even their home country. When the home country has to bend, lowering their standards of decency and fairness, to make newcomers feel welcome, then it must be called out in public forum and the press.

Diversity is the inclusion of those willing to integrate. Those coming to Norway or America must be on board with the laws and understand the history, combined those are the culture. They do not have to accept everything, but they must follow the same rules as everyone else and understand the origins and principles of Western society. For example, I accept the system in Norway, speaking the language enough to get things done, enjoy skiing, and paying the obscene taxes. But, I do not eat whales, do snus, or get drunk until 3 am. I brought with me my American work ethic and critical reasoning, complimenting the society, allowing it to endure. The US Military is a great example. You have a lot of different looking people, but they all carry the same weapon and love America dearly.

Norwegian Political Parties

The Norwegian political parties are not really out for the people but rather self-serving organizations. Averse to conflict and difficult discussions, the parliament members mostly shuffle along, enjoying s rather good life. Norwegians do not get in the face of politicians, calling out injustice, like back in the Viking age. Instead, when frustrated, many just get drunk and then whine and complain, whispering in within their circle of friends. It is more important to be correct than right. The fear of being branded a racist, sexist, narcissist, or misogynist overrides the need to confront injustice and legitimate concerns. In essence, the modern Norwegians, unlike their wolf-like Viking ancestors, have been domesticated on the order of Golden Retrievers.

The alternative Norwegian political parties generally lack an ideology that balances economic needs against maintaining Western standards of decency and national identity. Although they have a great example with Switzerland, which maintains its’ identity and innovates like California but still accommodates English as a working language, they move along the line of genetic nationalism.

Sylvi Listhaug of the Progress Party, is one of the few courageous leaders, calling out much of the recent shenanigans:

“I think those who come to Norway need to adapt to our society. Here we eat pork, drink alcohol and show our face. You must abide by the values, laws, and regulations that are in Norway when you come here,” (October 2016)

She has 60% support but still gets savaged by the mainstream media. However, her party (Progress/FRP) lacks economic pragmatism and ideology needed to forge a nation.

In essence, they want outstanding foreign skilled workers in Norway to learn the language at an advanced level, pay the obscene taxes, and then STFU for ten years, waiting for a permanent visa. If they get one parking ticket during that 10 years, it could jeopardize their long-term stay. The founder of the next Google, Boeing or 3M (a truly brilliant person with many options) will not put up with that nonsense. Instead, they will go to America where Trump will offer them a minimum of $130K per year, proposed in the H1-B revisions, and not have to deal with learning another language, already speaking English.

Nations must compete for the top talent like the NFL does. The alternative parties should consider making English a second national language to accommodate skilled workers like the global airline industry did to avoid mid-air accidents. Lately, I witnessed many highly-skilled Americans return home when they are needed here to help Norway, turning the corner from resources dependence to an industrial and knowledge-based economy.

Hence, the wobbly platforms, built on primitive emotions, proposed by the alternative political parties, will lead to inbreeding and massive economic decline. Moreover, the smaller and more extreme parties will never get elected, alienating a significant amount of hard working people. However, that may be by design. Once a political organization gets enough signatures, they can tap government funds. With that money, they can print marketing materials, get a clever logo, rent an office and, best of all, pay themselves a decent salary. Instead of fixing problems and setting the country on a sustainable economic and cultural path, they will just add more to the mix of those who just want to “play parliament.”

Only the “Deplorables” can Save Norway

Therefore, the burden to uphold our precious ideology formed out of the Protestant Reformation and the Gutenberg printing press falls on the 30-40% of us Americans who really care! I plan on making some major investments into this blog, reaching more of us.

Regards – Nick Kamran

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