Poland: Europe’s Hope

Recently, I have been on the road, traveling to Warsaw, Poland – a fast growing IT technology hub. While meeting a vendor, I noticed something very different, compared to Scandinavia – enthusiasm, and optimism. Like the Nordics, they spoke excellent English, except they don’t constantly pause, which expresses self-confidence. Moreover, the Poles have an excellent sense of humor, compatible with most Americans.

Central Warsaw by Night

Perhaps there is a good reason. Poland’s IT sector is booming, and Warsaw is becoming a hub for many high-end technologies. Poland is proving that work ethic, determination, and persistence trumps resource abundance or past glory.

Source: Qubit Labs – March 17, 2017

Conservative family values, prevalent throughout Poland, underlay the work ethic and self-confidence. Warsaw doesn’t feel like Europe but more like Chicago regarding perspective and values. However, that analysis is a little unfair since Chicago has the second largest Polish-speaking population after Warsaw. Therefore, the cities would have a similar feel.

The Poles, like the Hungarians, need to resist pressure from Western Europe, keeping their integrity and values. Otherwise, this progress could be lost. Ten years from now, it is quite possible that Polish firms could set up outsourcing in the once rich Nordic countries, which committed suicide by socialism. Additionally, the snowflake generation in Western Europe will be in control, accelerating the downfall.

Everyone should visit Warsaw.

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