Why I Voted for President Donald Trump

The decision to vote for Donald Trump was rather easy, seeing that there were no other qualified candidates running for office. My reasons were many, which I wrote out in a long essay, but the two that mattered the most:

Draining the Swamp: There is too much money in Washington. Since I was sixteen, I dutifully wrote my Congressman and Senator, listing out issues which I found perplexing. In return, they only returned form responses, prepared by a staffer. Elected officials need term limits. Politics should be a detour, after success in the private sector, to give back and not a lifelong career path. Playing parliament and oblivious to our debt situation, it is time to overhaul the system that attracts these types.

Reforming the H1-B Visa: I worked in technology and finance. Despite hoards of American college graduates looking for a job or employed at Starbucks, we are being told there is a skilled labor shortage.  To some degree the assertion is true, and the skilled visa program is meant to fill hard to fill jobs and prevailing salaries. It is not meant to be a cheap labor program, enriching the large tech corporations. Labor is one of the greatest expenses for any company. Where are the profits going?  I personally witnessed hoards of Indian software testers and engineers, earning 50% of the prevailing wages and living in squalor (sometimes ten to a room), working 12-15 hours per day at the behest of their Indian manager. He gets a bonus, and they get sent back to India before they realize that they have rights.

Summation: President Trump may not succeed in all that he sets out to do, but she sure changed the tone, and it feels good to be American again. He accredits our history and longstanding achievements as a nation. If America adopted modern socialist values 240 years ago, we never would have reached the moon, built Hoover Dam, flew the 747 or had Apple. Our culture depends on a sense of pride and invincibility.


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