How Norway Turned me into a Trump Supporter

Social Democracy Reality Check

Life in the socialist paradise is perilous and full of surprises.  Living here long enough reinforces your American ideology:

Living in Scandinavia has been like stepping into a time machine, peering into the future.  We can see what happens when the American Progressive values are allowed to take hold and run unopposed for two generations. Safe spaces morphed into nap rooms at the office. Participation awards evolved into Janteloven where everyone strives to be mediocre. Lazy is cool and ambition, equating to greed, is sacrilege.  Political correctness is the new religion and indirect communication rules. Creating confusion and condoning irresponsible behavior is the norm.

In the USSR people were not paid well but allowed to steal based on rank. If you worked in the match factory as a laborer, you were “allowed to steal” a few books of matches every week, trading with your friends who worked at the vodka or cigarette factory. If you were middle management, you could steal cases of matches and resell them on the black market. Executives were allowed to steal directly from the cash accounts, affording themselves lavish accommodation and a car. Hence, communism was anything but equal.

In social democratic countries, instead of stealing from the assembly line, they steal time.  Despite having the world’s greatest “Obama Care,” access to sports, healthiest food, cleanest air and water, and shortest working hours per year of any nation, we see a lot of illness. An entry level employee can call in sick 2-3 days at a time unnoticed. Illnesses on Fridays and sunny days are not uncommon.

As you move up, however, and burn through your sick days, you can get even more time off for depression and stress. For example, one middle manager I heard about, oversaw a site move, transporting items from the old office to the new one over a four-week period. He worked some long hours, more than 12 hours per day, but received additional pay and comp time. Nevertheless, after the move, the doctor diagnosed him with depression and he got six months off. The “prescribed therapy,” unbeknownst to the doctor and, was a home renovation. Others, tenured in professional jobs, have no problem getting three months for feeling “stressed or pressured.”

Executives can take even more time off. There is one, considered a legend, that claimed to have cancer. He received two years off with full pay and bonuses. However, when you browsed his social media, he looked like “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” skydiving in Red Bull squirrel suits, racing exotic cars, and freestyle skiing.  Protected by a veil of political correctness, rank, and a lack of pride, no one questions these antics.

Two generations of progressive aspirations, known here as social democracy, turned people from curious and ingenious to complacent and fearful of change. Socialism distorts people’s view of profits and productivity. To them scamming when no one is looking is fair and working hard and saving money is selfish and greedy.

Another example: I know a guy who observed that his company spent too much time managing their servers. He studied the situation, collecting facts and data, and proposed a more cost effective “cloud” solution. He stated that hosting your own infrastructure is like making your own electricity: ludicrous. The saved time, from doing low value added work like changing out hard drives, could have been used to optimize performance and automate routines. Instead of implementing the change, they relocated the guy to another part of the company where he effectively stares out of the window. He eventually quit and joined a leading cloud company. He was a threat to the status quo. They wanted to keep feeding and caring for horses and wagons instead of getting a car and expanding the business. The increased business would have not only been more financially rewarding but also created more jobs.

Therefore, most American college graduates, wanting to change the world, will be seen as a threat by the very people they admire. After arriving on the job, they are often shut down, given menial tasks and ignored. After some time, they retreat to the American ghettos throughout the region (ironically located in the upscale areas), seeking their own kind and realizing that they have something unique, only gotten from the American experience.

– An excerpt from a  ZeroHedge article, which I wrote before starting this blog.

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