Paris Texas Matters More than Paris France!

It only makes sense that an American President prioritizes the American people

Global Warming is a reality but The Paris Agreement did nothing for the environment, speculatively lowering temperatures .2 Celsius degrees of the 2 required by 2100.  This agreement let India and China expand coal mining and Europe to build new coal plants while America had to scale back at the expense of American workers. The President is willing to renegotiate and loves the environment.

Norway exports 1,647,975 barrels of dirty environment destroying oil every day. (2016 figures) That is 0.31 barrels or 49 liters for each person. So just under one full tank of gas for every single Norwegian, every single day of the year. That’s about double Saudi Arabia on a per capita basis!

America has no counterparts (it really irks me when they refer to European leaders as Trump’s peers or counterparts. They are actually subordinates.)  We stand above all other nations. It has to be that way with an indecisive Europe, antagonistic Russia, and an ambitious China. If that statement shocks you, it’s because it is the simple truth and reality of the world we live in. The American economy needs to advance unfettered so that other nations, including Norway, can remain free.

If you want to save the environment, stop buying Chinese products and empowering Indian industry. They are the main culprits, destroying the planet.

India and China are the most polluted places on earth (they top all categories – sea, air, and land)

Incredible India….

Yangtze River and the Jialin River in Chongqing, China,

Meanwhile, the Nordic leaders once again make themselves look like idiots, parroting questionable science and buzz words. 

Self Righteous and Pompous – they need to start reading….

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