Economy Page Updated

This month we started to track the following: M3 Money Supply Money Supply Per Capita Ratio – showing true inflationary trends Calculated burn rate of the fund: Fund Value/Budget Deficit Please visit the updated page.

My Experience with Race Relations Part 1 of 3

Introduction (0:00 – 1:20) Welcome Most un-PC Episode ever Why am I talking about this? The Irrational Extremes are One in The Same. (1:21 – 10:18) Neither extreme presents economic or logical arguments that embrace scientific, mathematical, historical, and economic truths. It’s pretty cool that …

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Murder and Racism in America – The Facts!

I find it quite sick that the mainstream media condemned Trump for his response to the Charlottesville incident. That day another 43 people were also murdered in America.  Is he supposed to respond to each incident one at a time?  The incident in Charlottesville was …

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Five Great American TV Shows

These  are the TV shows that I think best identify and convey the American culture and spirit: Hogans Heros Colonel Hogan embodied the American spirit: charismatic, quick thinking, resourcefulness, and always finding an opportunity, even when confronted with impossible situations. The Dukes of Hazzard Bo …

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