Oslo Woman’s March Commentary

The rally intended to raise awareness on women’s issues appeared to be more like an anti-Trump rally. This was a pathetic attempt by the politically correct to disguise a protest behind a rights movement, criticism of which would be deemed as sexist. This was not a spontaneous gathering to raise awareness but a feeble plan by George Soros to undermine America after he lost $1 billion dollars after Trump’s election.

Youngstorget in Oslo on Saturday 21.1.2017

Somewhere in America on the same day, someone has a fantasy.
(Notice the USSR/Communist flag in the background)

If Hillary won, would these protestors have protested Bill Clinton for his past and alleged sex assaults? Better yet, would these people have raised awareness about Huma Abedin’s (Clinton Campaigns vice chairman’s) husband Anthony Weiner in the “Dickileaks” scandal. To refresh your memory, Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner not only had a relationship with a minor, taking advantage of her troubled state by carrying out his bizarre fantasies. That was not his first time, he also committed similar offenses in 2011 – a serial offender.

Source: Mail Online

What President Trump may or may not have done in his past is wrong and not justified. However, I question the double standard by the left. They tend to assemble in big cities, over the weekend, where everything is clean and organized instead of getting out there and really helping the downtrodden.

Beyond this rally, which reminds me of the #Occupy Wall Street Music Festival, there are urgent and pressing women’s issues happening in plain sight (Muslim girls in Europe under duress):


Everyone has a right to protest, but I often wonder how far people are willing to go to help someone who really needs it?

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