Norwegian-Russian History Refresher

Norwegian-Russian History Refresher

I grew up in the 1980s, fearing the USSR. It was everyone’s dream that we would get along with the Russians, avoiding a Nuclear Holocaust. Russia did more for America as an enemy, challenging our engineers and scientists than Europe did as an ally, only challenging our political correctness. Despite the Cold War, America and Russia went to space together. Despite the Cold War, America and Russia went to space together, advancing science on all fronts.

Today, President Trump tweeted some common sense:

Inscription: “Norway thanks you” (for helping drive out the Nazis)

Soviet Soldiers are buried in Norway, memorialized for their sacrifice. After the war had ended, they left Norway and did not occupy it. The Caspian Report gives a nice overview on the Russian mindset. Norwegians would be better off trying to understand their neighbors, from a historical and intellectual perspective, than drink the mainstream media Kool-Aid that fans fear and hysteria.

Source: Olivier Berruyer at Les Crises blog

Source: Olivier Berruyer at Les Crises blog (Read the full story on

(Disclaimer: I am not paid by the Russians. I write for free because I am fed-up with lack of common sense as of late. If I were paid by them, do you think I would be living in freezing cold Norway, paying 44% tax, surrounded by Snowflakes and Liberals?)

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