Norwegian Gun Control Reality

Norwegian TV2 reports that Norwegians have delivered over 3,000 illegal firearms to police – without consequences. Continue Reading (right click in Chrome, translating to English).  One has to wonder how much more is out there and who are those people hanging onto the unregistered firearms?

Norway has pretty strict gun control, requiring registration and courses before one can take control. They also take a ballistic fingerprint of your weapon and require you to store the receiver in one locker and the ammunition and other parts in another, on the other side of your house.

Gun control doesn’t work. It only empowers the brazen and criminal elements against a defenseless public. Remember that the police only come after the incident. I rarely heard of a policeman telling someone, in advance, that they are going to get robbed, beaten, stabbed or shot. Guns are also a means to check government power, giving the public a means to overthrow them when they become tyrannical. The real issue is the intent, which people have with a gun, knife, chainsaw, airplane or piece of rope. Cody Wilson, the founder of Gun 3D printing discusses intent vs. the tool.

The Oslo Freedom Forum, which I will podcast about soon, stated that the four pillars of democracy are Free Expression, Civil Society, Separation of Power, and Free and Fair elections. They missed the right to bear arms, which gives the public an option to overthrow the government when peaceful protest fails like it did in the American Revolution. In addition to the Magna  Carta, the Gutenberg Printing Press, and the Protestant Reformation, Eli Whitney’s concept of interchange parts, allowing for the mass production of rifles, enabled modern day democracy and western civilization.

This is what happens when you have to rely on a tyrannical government to get you out of trouble.

(This guy is actually an American pretending to be Russian)

If you live in a democratic society, you have to think about things for yourself instead of always relying on media to disseminate information to you. Think about it. North Korea has no gun violence (citizen on citizen) but the government sends people to concentration camps when they step slightly out of line.

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