Norwegian MSM Contempt for the President Donlad J Trump

Norwegian MSM Contempt for the President Donald J Trump

Apparently, Jan Arild Snoen didn’t get the news that CNN and Russiagate were Fake News Afterall. Three CNN investigative journalists have resigned and the Trump House is not backing down. CNN is reeling and more people are turning to direct sources such as to get the unedited news, making their own decisions.

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America needs to reassess our “alliances.” In addition to being delinquent on NATO payments, Norway runs an almost $500 billion trade surplus against the United States overtaxing Harley Davidsons and Chevy Camaros on the claim of helping the environment while they pump out hydrocarbons.

CNN advocates that manufacturing Fake News for almost a year can be pardoned with a simple “I’m Sorry.” Like with everything else in life, there will be consequences. 

I hope that Norwegian Main Stream Media doesn’t go down the fake news route. The American people and our President are leading the fight to make sure truth will prevail.

Trump 5-0 in Special Elections!

They also seemed to have missed the news on the special elections where Pro-Trump American candidates prevailed over well backed and favored Democrats. The Democrats spent close to $30 million in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, backing Democrat Jon Ossoff. Despite being outspent 6-1, Republican Karen Handel won in the most expensive congressional election in history. Trump was probably laughing his “Oss Off.”

“The truth is, people, love us … they haven’t figured it out yet,” – President Trump in Iowa

Donald Trump Donates His Presidential Salary

It was never reported in Norway that Donald Trump donates his Presidential salary. Paid quarterly, he made his first donation to the National Park Service back in April. Do Erna Solberg and your public officials donate their salaries, having all they need before they get to office?

America is winning because of the truth, the foundation of our society, once again prevails.

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