Norwegian Billionaire Support’s Donald Trump’s Decision:

Norwegian Billionaire Support’s Donald Trump’s Decision:

Billionaire Øystein Stray Spetalen commended Donald Trump for butchering the Paris Agreement. US President Donald Trump announced today that the US will drop the Paris Agreement, one of the main climate agreements between the nations of the world. The well-known investor supports Trump’s decision and called Paris agreement a “scam” – a deception.

  • This agreement is not made by businessmen, it is made of dreamers, says Øystein Stray Spetalen to Dagbladet (A major Norwegian newspaper).
  • He understands very well why the US president wants out of the deal.
  • Speech to Trump should be seen by everyone for it contains the essence of the climate policy, says the prolific Norwegian investor.
  • It’s true that China does not have any commitments to cut emissions before 2030, the Paris agreement a deception. The USA cannot have an agreement where the largest industrial competitor to the United States can run on with free exhaust, he said.

Courage in the Face of Global Opposition

Trump went against the advice of world leaders and major American corporations when he, Thursday night Norwegian time, gave the message that the United States withdraws from the global climate agreement.

Kept his Campaign Promise

The Paris Agreement was a ploy to relocate American jobs abroad. It had nothing to do with climate change.

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