The Norwegian 2017 Elections for Americans

The Norwegian Elections may not be the most interesting topic in the world but this year will be more so than all others. The sentiment is changing and people are more open about how they really feel about controversial issues. The smaller parties, living on th fringers, are witnessing increased interest and rise in membership, indicating that something could be awry.

Introduction (0:00 – 1:10)

Image result for norwegian political parties right to left

Mainstream Media view of the Political Parties – Socialist vs. Nationalist leanings. But don’t let this chart fool you. Things in Norway are not what they seem.

System Overview (1:11 – 2:02)

  • Parliamentary system like the UK or Canada,
  • Over 10 political parties,
  • Coalitions and factions.

The Establishment Front Runners: Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party) and Erna Solberg (Conservative Party). Notice that traditional American party colors are reversed in Norway: Red – Labor Party (Democrats) and Blue – Conservative (Republicans).  The leading socialist (Støre) will not separate himself from his family’s business empire if elected. 

Party Funding (2:03 – 4:30)

  • Norwegian political parties receive most of their money from the government (taxpayers).
  • Other sources include donations and business operations.
    • Much cheaper than in the USA to buy a politician.
    • 700M NOK is $87 million – in total funding – government funding, donations, and business activity.
    • 472M NOK is $60 million – government funding and subsidies or 67%
    • Since 2005 up almost 55% – more than incomes or inflation.

Figure 2. Source of income of the political parties

Figure 3. Funding of political parties, by source of income. NOK million

Figure 5. Costs and result in per cent of total income by party

Only the hippies (Green Party) manage money well. More on Norwegian Political Party Funding

The Issues (4:31 – 8:10)

Bjørn Brende (Høyre) – Norway’s Foreign Minister selling the nation’s soul.

  • Two Varieties of Communist in Norway

Norway has a full-fledged Communist Party (NKP) good for 600 votes. They got triggered when I told them that their flag looks like the Pepsi Logo, advertising “Communist Cola.” I also heard there is a Chinese Communist Party as well but I didn’t meet them.

Unknown assailants came shortly after midnight on August 20th, tearing down the “Democrats in Norway” display.


  • Healthy – nation first views arising. More so than in 2013.
  • Split opinions – Factions forming within parties (Voters within parties most against FRP, Høyre, Center).
  • Differentiate between skilled immigrants and refugees
  • Social Dumping Awareness (SDA).
  • Anti-EU and Anti- Schengen Sentiment Rising.
  • Mostly pro-NATO. They now realize that they are delinquent on paying their dues (1.5% vs. the obligatory 2%).
  • Most parties clueless on the underlying economy.

Daily FX purchases occur when oil fund assets are sold and exchanged for NOK. (Source: & Norges Bank)

The curious case of money supply. Accelerating money supply is perhaps one of the greatest hidden economic threats. Its’s very hard to take back what has been issued. (Source: & Norges Bank)

Debt fueled housing bubble. Interest rates are below the rate of inflation. (Source: & Norges Bank)

Exchange rates correlate to interest rates. Housing prices may go up but so will everything else while salaries stagnate. (Source: & Norges Bank)

Conversations with the Political Parties (8:11 – 11:16)

  • The Mainstream Parties
    • Høyre & FRP
    • Arbeidspartiet
    • Venstre
    • Senterpartiet

  • The Alternative Parties (11:17 – 15:03)
    • The Christians not to be confused with the Christian Democrats (KrF)
    • Extracting information from the Pirate Party was like trying to pull teeth
    • The Norwegian Democrats
    • The Capitalists


Rødt Surprised me (More in-line with Trump than I thought)

Image result for Rødt Bjørnie Bjørnar Moxnes

  • Bernie Sanders Supported Party (Bjørnie),
  • They did not know Bernie is a millionaire, but still draws $174K per year income as a Senator
  • Agree on Trump issues surprisingly,
  • Agreed on the swamp, must regulate food and introduce single payer health care.
  • Spread refugees out, get them to integrate.
  • Needs rebranding to stand a chance.
  • Disagreed with their stance on Islamic immigration
  • Call them the red pill party.
  • Very congenial

Analysis (15:04 – 17:56)

  • FRP & Høyre are neo-con parties – Perhaps they could be infiltrated by a Trump like guy and cleaned out.
  • The Proposed Minority Coalition
  • The mainstream parties lack a backbone.
  • All parties oblivious to fiscal policy  – Central Bank and NBIM seems to be running the show without any adult supervision.
    • Interest rates are at all time low while housing is in bubble territory.
    • A 1% hike in rates can easily devastate 70,000 households, putting them underwater.

Wrap Up (17:57 – 21:00)

  • 71% snowflake ratio in Norway.
  • National parties are on the rise.
  • Western Civilization is Under Attack

Western Democratic Evolution:

Northern Germanic (Scandinavia & Germany) -> Anglo Saxon (UK, Australia, NZ & Canada) -> American (USA)


Islamic Immigration Policy Concerns

Skepticism towards immigrants and refugees

Cultural Replacement Concerns

The Need for Leadership vs. Management

Ban on (Roma) Begging

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