Nazism 101 for Norwegians and Left Leaning Americans

Many in the Norwegian Left-Wing Media, mostly owned by the Schibsted Media Group love to use the word Nazi when talking about our President. Most Norwegians that oppose Trump never lived in America. At best, they visited New York, California, or Miami, making them experts on our country.  If you ever come to Norway, these sheltered people are full of opinions on how we should run our country, based on frontier values. All the while, they use iPhones, drive Teslas, and fly the world on Boeing Aircraft.

I am not sure that many in Norway and Gard Steiro even understand, anymore, what the Nazi’s are and were.  We have to recall that many Norwegians collaborated with them. Many deny that saying those were not Norwegians but other people. But the reality is that many Norwegians joined the Waffen SS. It took Norway an excessively long time to apologize for deporting Jews to the death camps.

“Norway acted similarly to Vichy France in that they implemented their own anti-Jewish laws, used their own manpower, confiscated property and discriminated against Jews before the Germans had demanded it,” said Paul Levine, a history professor at Uppsala University in Sweden. “Norway didn’t have to do what it did.”

If Trump were at Sobibor, he would have led the revolt.  Nazism is a European Phenomenon, not an American one. 

I will be doing a podcast comparing and contrasting Mein Kampf to Art of the Deal: books which I both read. Trump is not even close to being a Nazi. He loves America and all our people. Even in the 1980’s he felt despair at how foreign nations got over on America with the trade. Fascism a word used loosely, is more of a European phenomenon.  Remember that it was America, Britan, and Russia that liberated Europe from it!

Norwegians don’t confuse American Patriotism with your fascist past. Without our help, Quisling would still be your leader.


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