My Trip to America – Part 2 of 2 Podcast Show Notes

Continued from Last Week: Episode 1:

New York (0:00 to 11:33)

  • Most of the listeners, especially those in Norway, know all about New York. It’s the city most frequented by Norwegian tourists to the USA. Then it’s Miami, LA, and San Francisco. I don’t need to give much explanation or description on this city.
  • Uber works really well. How does something that works so well lose so much money? $700 million in one-quarter, rivaling NASA’s spending.
  • Reminiscing my old Wall Street job with a former colleague over lunch.
  • On the way back, I stopped by the 9-11 Memorial. Political Correctness is not the solution to the terrorism epidemic.

  • Seeing New York from the Jersey City side, across the bay, you can see, from afar, that New York never sleeps, always works. It’s truly a great city.

Realizations (11:34 – 27:47)

  • Despite our problems and all the infighting, America still remains the greatest country on earth.
  • America is only running on 1/3rd of its’ potential.
  • Taking this trip affirmed that President Trump did the right thing. He re-affirmed our position in the world.
  • A discussion on the realities of Europe and the European Union.
  • Exiting the Paris Agreement was a long overdue decision. It had absolutely nothing to do with saving the planet and all to do with shackling America.
  • Trying to make America like Europe will kill the planet.
  • A message to scientists considering leaving America.

Closing Thought (27:48 – 28:49)

  • Take note that these ideals, America standing above all other nations is not new. In the 1936 Berlin Olympics, with Hitler presiding, only America did not dip their flag to him. Old Glory stood tall:

All the other countries were dipping their flags and waving their arms in the Nazi one arm salute. We are different and always will be.

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