Murder and Racism in America – The Facts!

I find it quite sick that the mainstream media condemned Trump for his response to the Charlottesville incident. That day another 43 people were also murdered in America.  Is he supposed to respond to each incident one at a time?  The incident in Charlottesville was a lone wolf attack by a sick individual rather than a carefully planned event with a political motive. The perpetrator had no previous criminal record and would have been impossible to detect.

Although the guy was a racist, it was not a hate crime but rather just a crime, resulting in the same outcome as any other murder. It is being prosecuted accordingly. If it were planned, telegraphed, and choreographed, that would be a different story.

The President’s America First policy aims to stem racism. When people have jobs and able to climb the economic ladder, based on their merit and hard work, the racism will subside.

Focusing on incidents and not the root cause ensure that the problem continues.  There are 44 murders per day in America. I am quite appalled that mainstream media condemns the president for being slow to react to one of them when he is trying to solve the problem at its’ core: (poverty, wealth gap, jobs, trade etc).

Growing up in America during the 1970s and 1980s and living in South during my Navy years, I found that racism originates in poverty, the broken economic ladder and wealth inequality – what Trump is trying to solve by closing the borders, creating a labor shortage that will force American companies to hire American people at livable wages. With record corporate profits, they can afford it.

All lives matter and it is the root cause of these issues that we should be asking ourselves about.

Why is no one screaming about Chicago except President Trump?

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