Middle Aged Life in Oslo – Part 2/2

This is the second podcast of two, exploring life in Oslo. In addition to a vibrant singles scene, the city also has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts, including The Vigeland Park. The episode also discusses resources and groups for Americans.

Intro (0:00 to 0:12)

Single Scene (0:13 to 5:50)

Oslo is quite good or corrupt, depending on your vantage point, when it comes to dating:

  • Recommended Sites and Apps
    • Sukker
    • Tinder
    • Match
  • Middle Aged Escapades

The Great Outdoors (5:51 – 9:24)

American Groups (9:25 – 13:48)

Summation (13:59 – 17:00)

  • Oslo is what you make of it
  • The Hotel California, “you can check out anytime but you really can’t leave.”
  • The future
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