Memorial Day Special: The Story of the Tuskegee Airmen

The Red Tails

This is one of the great American stories that help define our national character – overcoming insurmountable odds and opposition to succeed. During WWII, the trains of B-29 bombers, bombing Germany, were escorted by the Red Tails, Black pilots from Tuskegee University. They not only fought the Germans in the air but discrimination and segregation on the ground. They directly contributed to winning WWII, decimating the German airforce while the “Flying Fortresses” destroyed the German war-making capacity and infrastructure.

The “Red Tails,” flying inferior prop driven aircraft, regularly shot down the superior German ME 262 jet fighters. 

This video is a great Memorial Day story and one of my favorites, affirming that determination and persistence overcome the odds:

Happy Memorial Day from Norway.


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