What it means to be American in Trump Times – Part II: What Makes Us Unique and Why We Must Work Together

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American Patriotism vs. European Nationalism

Europe and American have two different approaches to nationalism. American Patriotism is an inclusive philosophy, built on merit-based principles: earning your identity and place in American society, as an equal, through hard work, honesty and strength of character. In fact, your “Americanism” is more a function of what you achieve rather than where you were born. Immigrants are woven into the fabric over time, adding to and taking cues from the prevailing culture.

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America is a condition of the mind and heart; not something genetic or lineage based.

For example one of my friends back home immigrated from Belarus ca. 10 years ago. In addition to becoming a vice president at a major Wall Street firm, he brought with him a certain ingenuity, only be gotten from living in Belarus, where scarcity is an everyday reality. Using that asset, he spends his free time fixing up homes, cars and whatever else he can get his hands on, flipping them for a profit. In addition to enhancing his bottom line, through the interactions with various people, he has become one of the guys, blending into the background but with his own distinctive character. He celebrates the 4th of July and Thanksgiving, drinking beer with the neighbors, never looking back. It’s the story of us, happening generation after generation!

With European Nationalism, that is not the case. People in the various European nations consider their identity as genetic and ancestry based. No matter how hard you work, how much tax you pay and how well you speak the language, you will never be a “Norwegian” like a naturalized immigrant, in the USA, is an American. Even if you give up your American passport and swear an oath of allegiance to King Harald, you will never be regarded as a Norwegian among the locals: just a foreigner who immigrated here. Even in the UK, they are differences is a difference between “British” (naturalized) and “English” (genetically English) people. In Switzerland, you are not a citizen unless you have at least one Swiss parent – even if you’re born in the country.


Hence, the fundamental difference between the New and Old Worlds (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, etc. also have an adaptive nationality). Cultural success is about the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment. However, for Europeans, it is about preserving a tradition even when the ground below is shifting. Perhaps it’s good for tourism and those interested in linquistics but it doesn’t do much for innovation, which diverse people to work together towards a common goal. Moreover, Europe’s emphasis on genetic identity creates communities of left out people: good and bad. Although I am not for the mass migration of refugees, Europe needs to weave into their fabric those outsiders who contribute and mostly uphold local values.


Until then, the EU will remain rather dysfunctional. For example, a person from Italy finds it quite difficult, moving to Sweden, to take a new job – even harder than a Croatian moving to Kansas. The Europes internal migrants must learn a new language, in addition to English, evertime they relocate to a different country. Moreover, they must learn a new “culture,” often finding it difficult to fit in.

At a higher level, the member states are unable to cooperate and make decisions. For some, procedure and process take precedence. Others, like the Germans, focus on deadlines and tangible output. They constantly experience the same issues: cultural considerations versus marketplace demands for efficiency.

In the process of trying to accommodate so much culture, the EU managed to create a superstructure that returns very little to the taxpayers, who support it, and very much to bureaucrats who run it. They have whole buildings in Brussels dedicated to translating all documents into 28 languages. There are 10,000 people in Brussels paid more than Theresa May. Despite all that “talent,” they are nothing to look up to. Until Europe adapts a single working language, they will remain pretty screwed up.


Therefore, it is time to stop calling ourselves African-Americans, German-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Asian-Americans or Whatever-Americans. We are just Americans – plain and simple! That will better reflect our unity as a nation and our priorities. Any prefix in front of the word American divides our country.

Furthermore, it dilutes our collective history, mocks our culture and diminishes our collective strength – exactly what the Globalists hope to achieve. (Although it is important to learn about the different groups that make up America, it’s important to do so in the context that everyone is part of the whole and not standing outside.)

Chicago – A great American city that remains segregated and now in turmoil.

I studied in Chicago and therefore quite familiar with these sub-identities. It is time to stop being “Black,” “African,” “Polish,” “Russian,” “Indian,” or “Mexican” and just be an American. Remember it was African tribes that sold their own to white slave traders. Ironically, life is better in America for those descending from those who were sold (the slaves) than those who did the selling (rich tribal leaders)! Africans in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Congo are still dealing with slavery, human trafficking, forced marriage, genital mutilation and even some cannibalism.

The Globalists do not care about your pain, evidenced by the “Hope and Change,” during the Obama presidency. They demand more of America and ignore the fact we have our own problems. For example, people here in Norway are completely oblivious to the pain in America and keep demanding that we give more, calling us fascists if we don’t comply.

My parents came from India in the 1960s. Despite the discrimination and creative name calling, from both blacks and whites alike, experienced while growing up, life in America as a minority is far better than it is in India as a nobleman. Believe it or not, there is far more racism, nepotism and greed in India than there will ever be in America.

“America First” includes all of us! So my point is: get over it, we are all Americans now – fighting against Globalism.

My greatest hope for the Trump Presidency is that it creates a cultural shift: that being straight forward is not “blunt” but honest. It is needed and an efficient way to communicate in a world filled with so much noise. I hope that we all see ourselves, no matter what our background, as Americans first and foremost.

We must recognize there are many in the world who want to take what we have since they cannot replicate it themselves. Donald Trump’s presidency is a once in a lifetime opportunity, getting someone from the Billionaire class, to champion our cause. If he fails, it will be our fault. Therefore, we need to engage with our elected officials, letting them know that this is what we want!

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