What it Means to be American in Trump Times – Part I: The Dumb Deal and PC Culture

Dissecting The “Dumb Deal.”

We are in interesting times! This week’s big story, in addition to the immigration suspension, was that President Trump got into it with Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister. Apparently, we were supposed to take 1250 refugees that Australia didn’t want. (BTW He didn’t hang up on the Australian PM). Interestingly, the Aussies even have a policy to maroon asylum seekers, coming by boat, on outlying islands, leaving them there indefinitely.

Manus Island (Australia) regional processing center where they can remain indefinitely.

This deal, made by John Kerry in the 11th hour, does not clearly specify what America gets in return. There is speculation of Aussie military support in the Middle East or patrolling the South China Seas with the US Navy. No matter what, there is definitely no benefit to the US taxpayer or main street America on this one. Therefore, it is a “Dumb Deal.”

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However, despite the fact that this deal was done without the consent of Congress and offers nothing concrete in return, there are many, even among Trump supporters, casting doubt on his judgment. How can one be diplomatic when presented with something so stupid? Diplomacy is what got us into these messes in the first place. Maybe we need to question this diplomacy and not Donald Trump. He is merely doing the job we elected him to do!


I want to remind people; this is what honesty and American leadership look and sounds like! – Direct and to the point. Everyone knows where they stand and what is expected, leaving nothing to the imagination. That is what won wars, got us to the moon and even made Apple.

President Trump is a leader: not a manager engaged in office politics and congeniality contests. He most likely experienced the shock associated with moving from private sector – results based -corporate culture to a government one, which rewards political skills and BSing abilities.

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For the first time since 1980, we finally have someone putting our interests first. It is important to understand that working people, especially those who are over 50, do not get political culture and diplomacy. We must look beyond the surface to his intentions – keeping America safe and prioritizing our problems at home first.

(Now we must ask ourselves, what is Political Correctness and Where did it Come from?)

Political Correctness (PC) Culture

Politics is an agenda other than efficiency and truth. PC means being “correct” is more important than being “right.” It is better not to discuss obvious problems because others may get offended. Yet the problem grows, but it still cannot be discussed because of its’ offensive nature.

The circular argument creates the “elephant in the living room” situation that we are living today, forcing people underground. PC dismisses basic math, history, and reality itself. It invites arguments substantiated by emotions, feelings and “flavor of the month” causes. PC solutions are only possible in a vacuum or on a college campus. It ignores that limited resources cannot satisfy unlimited wants.

That allocation is known as the study of economics, which very few liberals have taken.

The politically correct are either too concerned about popularity, drinking with the right people, or staying under the radar, trying to go unnoticed. Both types try to avoid conflict and make resolutions, trying to please everyone. They are not concerned with production or results. Their decisions are never meaningful because the actions are superficial and watered down – as not to rock the boat. Moreover, they rarely have accountability.

Politically Correct people generally do not trust each other. They like to shift responsibility and rarely take solo decisions, even with a looming deadline. They misinterpret true leaders, driven and determined, proud and decisive, as narcissists or ego maniacs. People don’t even recognize leadership anymore and why we need it: making the difficult decisions, which inevitably must disappoint someone so that we can, as a whole, move forward. Picking who to disappoint is one of the greatest tests for leaders.

Nowadays, it appears that if someone is honest and truthful, then they are regarded as blunt. If you offer a PC person constructive criticism or ask for results, you are either a racist, sexist or narcissist, depending on who you ask. They can even accuse you of harassment when asking them to keep their promises and commitments. The greater question is: how did this PC culture come about? In the past, during industrial and agrarian times, it was easy to measure output. One reaped what they sewed. The hard workers, both dedicated and reliable, despite their personal flaws, were rewarded.

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Political Correctness culture most likely originated in Europe long ago with the birth of cradle to grave socialism, diverting responsibility away from the individual to the state. Later state-owned enterprises emerged, which were not subject to market forces. In essence, people didn’t have to grow up anymore. Political Correctness, over time, morphed into a tool to control criticism since in it is difficult to measure tangible output. Essentially PC allowed bureaucrats to steal from those paying them to do their job without any consequences, giving way to a new financial culture:

When a government manager gets a budget, he must spend it all before the end of the year so he can ask for the same or more. If they return the surplus, instead of getting a performance bonus, they are “penalized” with a smaller budget in the next year. Hence, there is no incentive to be a good steward of other people’s money.

Now, this behavior started seeping into the private sector, especially with companies that receive government contracts, subsidies or have monopoly power. The lack of small business and competition in the marketplace created a culture that counters mother nature itself. She is always seeking a better, faster and more efficient way of doing things.

America simply cannot afford PC culture! It is not only wasteful, frustrating and distracting but goes against what we are fundamentally about. As Americans, we are people who always find a way, overcoming adversity, and identify ourselves through hard work. Results and merit, regardless of background, matter more than ancestry or personal beliefs.

We built the original 747 in 1969 and the Hoover Dam in 1931: well before the widespread use of computers and political correctness.

In less than 300 years, we have done more than rest of the civilized in the past 5000. There is a reason that many of the World’s best and brightest come to America. Be proud of that!

Next – Part II: Patriotism, Diversity and  Hopes

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