LiberaledIn – LinkedIn is a Tool for Workforce Manipulation


If you have been looking for a job or trying to build your network on LinkedIn, I am sure that you have seen the meme “LinkedIn ≠ Facebook.” That means posts should be work related and not political, fashion or puppy oriented. Nevertheless, there are numerous posts that tout liberals and their causes: Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros with unquestionable admiration. If you like and admire those, it almost seems like you will be in good favor with your colleagues and even get a promotion for being amicable on social media.

No one seems to complain about those posts. The ones downing conservative viewpoints and the President get tons of likes and supporting comments. No one complains until you write a comment or post a story, supporting the current administration. After expressing a patriotic view, “LinkedIn ≠ Facebook, keep it professional, starts to appear.”

This meme only applies to conservatives. Liberals, called Influences are ok to spout off left-wing dribble all day long. 

LinkedIn’s Reality for Conservatives

It seems like you won’t get a job if you are outspoken, taking an opposing viewpoint. When making counter posts, written in a clean language and backed up with facts, I noticed that my “connection count” (friends in the Facebook lingo) dropped. The common belief is that companies seek people who can think independently, offering an alternative vantage point. Friction and forum further innovation, opening up new opportunities. However, the reality is quite different. Most managers in large companies, especially those backstopped by the government with bailouts or huge contracts, prefer yes-men.

LinkedIn’s Liberal Features

Moreover, the site has a mechanism that supports passive aggressive behavior. One can look at other’s profiles in anonymous mode, allowing your current or former co-workers to spy on your profile after you made some interesting comments. There is an “in-between” mode for the compromise-oriented that allows you to survey other profiles, only revealing where you work and your job title. When the user clicks on the “who viewed your profile” and then that kind of link, they see all the possibilities of who it is. In any case, it’s pretty useless functionality unless you grew up without a backbone.

LinkedIn Posts

Nevertheless, I just can’t help myself when I see overtly politically correct or anti-Trump propaganda:

Why are there so few women in tech jobs?

[Nick from LfN: Maybe tech is for them? All the doors are open and the information is available so that low numbers are by choice and not discrimination. Tech has been a draw for introverts with asthma and bad eyesight. Why would an intelligent woman want to be surrounded by such men when she can work at Goldman Sachs or as a Doctor with more interesting and dynamic peers?

Liberal Poster: That’s one way to look at it. I believe too often tech is seen as a male-dominated domain and this can put off some women who as you mentioned might not be so attracted to be surrounded only by men. This I think should change. Make them feel welcomed, talk about inequality – find out what drives it and perhaps in the future we can see more women joining the tech industry.

Nick from LfN: You forgot quality of men (implying smart women are drawn to alpha males who can match them and not the socially retarded ones who they will inevitably push around)]

Top Climate Scientist, Journalist & Activists Blast Trump’s Withdrawal from Paris Accord

[Nick from LfN: Did anyone listen to the speech or read the agreement. The Paris agreement allows the 2 most populated countries in the world to add emissions. Are people so daft? Trump was correct on every point, waiting 100 years to lower the temperature by .3 degrees? Trump explained everything quite well in my opinion and has my full support. If you want to stop climate change, stop buying Chinese goods and Indian services!

Liberal Poster: That is Trump’s interpretation of it. Not the truth. He exaggerated and re-created the facts to help his point. Did you actually read the Paris Agreement? It’s not the way that Trump interpret at all. Top three polluters yes… China India and the United States. The top two countries that are innovators in green technology China and India. So, I don’t agree at all with pulling out of the agreement. Which by the way doesn’t it take affect for four years anyway. Even though Trump said that it’s going to create a job. I call BS, those jobs are already gone.

Nick from LfN: Have you been to India. I have been going every two years since I was 2 years old. They have a tendency to exaggerate while the overpopulation is destroying all of nature and wildlife through habitat deprivation. Talk is cheap and there is no enforcement or verification. Moreover, I am not sure how India is going to implement anything other than some stuff for a show near the airport where foreigners go.]

I often wonder if I can make a living at replying to all this BS on Social Media.


Renowned business leaders, scientists, politicians, and celebrities, known as influencers, post articles and short prose about how they found success, innovative technologies, and motivational quotes. Examples include Richard Branson, Jack Welch, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama etc. Obviously, they all appear to have a liberal slant, encouraging us to support the H1-B (skilled visa program), Globalism, and a whole lot of other agendas that will keep us shackled to corporations and governments.

There doesn’t appear to be any conservative influencers: not even the ones who are of the globalist variety (Paul Ryan). However, when one realizes that Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, then it all makes sense. Bill Gates is a Globalist, benefiting from selling software and other IT services to bloated governments worldwide.

Guy Kawasaki’s Feed

I generally make a habit of following people that I have nothing in common with both in terms of lifestyle and political views so that I may learn something new. Among this group of high-net-worth liberals, posting an abnormal amount of politically charged, left-leaning material is Guy Kawasaki. He was one of Apple’s key employees, responsible for marketing the first Mac in 1984. Now he is a venture capitalist and motivational speaker among other things. He visited Norway, giving a motivational speech to Kongsberg Group on how Norway can evolve away from oil and (perhaps) went out for whale meat sushi afterward.

Oslo and Tokyo are the only places in the western world where you can eat sentient beings for dinner. Most of the world, especially “true liberals” like myself, regard whaling as horrific, considering the leviathans as sentient beings. However, we have seen CNN reporters engage in cannibalism so anything is possible nowadays. I wonder if this guy eats dogs while in China, showing politeness to his hosts? Living in Norway, I never ate whale, drank excessively, nor took snus. I held to my own standards.


Looks Delicious. I wonder what this has to do with job hunting. Porpoise sushi can’t be all that different than the whale variety. I suppose that he could be a true environmentalist, not letting anything go to waste?


Definitely not feeling the pinch that most of middle America have experienced. This is the life you get with $30 million. Moreover, the carbon footprint of the AMG 6.2L V8 Mercedes is quite a lot for one man going surfing.


Does Guy Kawasaki live on this planet? Here is what’s happening in North Korea, giving us a “vantage point.” I wonder what Guy Kawasaki thinks of Otto Warmbier? 


Midterms are not looking good for Democrats: delusional as usual.

The decline of the middle class is why we voted for Trump after the former Globalist president sold us out. Check it out, suicide rates in America and New York surged to a 30 year high! That should be telling how liberal elites and intellectuals have done.

Did Mr. Kawasaki even bother to check NATO’s contribution record?

Did you know Poland and Hungary are revolting and the British voted to leave? Here is a video of Poland’s march of independence against mass European immigration.

Did you know that America was the only country not to dip its’ flag or salute Hitler in the 1936 Berlin Olympics opening ceremony? Sometimes you need to courageously stand alone when everyone else is wrong.

Did he ever consider that the legal immigration policy is being abused? Trump wants to double the wages for H1-B’s so that we are truly filling skill gaps with the very best the world has to offer. Canada’s European mentality will stifle any progress. Remember, the Apollo program was done before the age of mass immigration.

Remind the applicants that their work will be distracted with the need to learn a new language and Machiavellian office politics. Perhaps it’s a good thing. I arrived in Norway as a Liberal and overtime returned to my conservative roots.

Ranked 59th most visited website worldwide on Alexa, despite all the efforts to discredit them, Breitbart is good business for advertisers and Amazon is wise to reach out to all of America, not just the elitists. Letters from Norway is also an Amazon affiliate (Guy Kawasaki, please post that to your audience because publicity is an absolute value thing (the magnitude is all that matters and not the positivity or negativity).

As you can see, Guy Kawasaki like so many other high net worth individuals is quite out of touch with reality.

Guy Kawasaki’s world is much different than ours as he clearly states. I have yet to see a blue collar – working class Globalism Evangelist on LinkedIn, exalting the wonders of a stateless/one world order. Oh wait, they are deplorable?

It’s quite clear that Guy and his peers, highly successful Liberals, have no love for America as a country but rather a just place to do business. They do not understand, at all, what working class people and student go through, trying to improve their lives. I have yet to see a post where he condemns liberal intolerance and violence. They are not motivating us to be better but rather manipulating us into thinking we owe the world something for our greatness. Considering the tone of his posts and comments from his fans, Guy Kawasaki may have political aspirations in California – something to watch out for.

This Disconnect Between Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Wall Street and the rest of America.

The smart people from ivory tower schools not only gave us massive public debt but also widened the income disparity, seeing their own fortunes rise while the rest of America flounders. I have not seen Democrats or liberals address this pay gap or how financial sector CEO’s can take a company to bankruptcy and then get a bailout and bonus in the process (except Bernie Sanders). Elitists never have to suffer the consequences of their ideology. Guy Kawasaki’s fellow Stanford Alumni, Professor Victor Davis Hanson, sums up the disconnect: ***

Living in the Valley

There is an arrogance that exists in the more affluent parts of America, especially in Silicon Valley, thinking that they lead innovation. Moreover, we find that most Silicon Valley companies are parasites, sucking up valuable capital, never standing a chance to earn money. 90% of them fail. Young men, in the valley, constantly job hopping while finding it impossible to buy a home, have a difficult time, settling down. That may explain the recent “snowflake”, beta-male, and Peter Pan epidemic, where men refuse to grow up and take responsibility.

Compounding the issue is the massive shortage of women. Most young men, in the valley, appear to miss out on one of life’s greatest experiences (courtship and marriage), opting to write code for a seemingly high salary, negated by the unreasonable prices. Most millennials, which I know in the valley, live with their parents or roommates well into their 30’s. This reality is truer in “blue” or left-leaning states.

[When I was a US Naval Officer, in my mid-20s, stationed in Virginia Beach, I managed to buy my first home at 26, making only $45K per year. Renting out the extra bedrooms, clearing my monthly mortgage payment, I bought a second home in suburban Chicago, which I also rented out, covering the mortgage, and moved onto a third where I settled down. Ten years later I sold both investment properties and embarked on a new journey. That was the norm for those of us born in the 1960’s and 1970’s and willing to work hard, save, and sacrifice. I even had friends who owned four-unit apartment buildings before 30. Is California really that “progressive?”]

Ten Meaningful Innovations

Most of the meaningful technological innovations, arising in our lifetime, depending on your age, did not originate from California:

  • FedEx – sending overnight mail (Little Rock Arkansas)
  • PC computer (Apple and IBM – Silicon Valley and Seattle)
  • MS Office (Seattle)
  • Internet Browsing for Consumers (Spyglass from University of Illinois)
  • GPS Navigation for Consumers (Garmin in Kansas City and the US Military)
  • LED lights – (The four credited for this invention were white men from Illinois, Texas, Russia, and England)
  • Flat screen TV & monitor (Allowed for better space utilization – Japan, Korea, and America)
  • Drip Irrigation (Germany and Israel)
  • Digital Camera (Kodak – Rochester, New York)
  • Fracking (Nick Steinsberger – Texas)

Factory Made Homes from Sweden: What kind of innovation makes it possible to produce homes cheaper, faster, and with higher quality than ever before; yet housing prices, relative to income, keep accelerating? Why doesn’t Guy Kawasaki, who lives in California, discuss this? Some Silicon Valley engineers are living in trucks and boxes.

The liberal bastion makes it impossible to support a family on a median wage. I thought technology was about improving human lives and not enslaving us with debt?


Not all innovation has been good or helpful. McDonald’s, giving us fast, cheap, and tasty food may have started an obesity epidemic while taking away the family dinner time. Smartphones and devices, in addition to making us less human, are linked to a myriad of ailments: nerve damage, anxiety and depression, stress, and sleep disorders among others. Interestingly, the Obama, California Technology, and Liberal dominated years have the worst productivity improvements, distracting us rather than enabling us. We see marriage on the wane and obesity continues to rise. Is that progress?

The Obama years were the worst for productivity growth. Hence, the innovation was not as beneficial as once thought. 


My parents came from India back in the 1960’s. First, my father came over to study engineering and management and then took a job before going off on his own. After my mother had arrived, they both embarked on a journey to become American, not only by documents but also regarding culture, mentality and the soul. They studied so hard for their citizenship exam that everyone at kindergarten thought Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were my rich and flamboyant uncles. Perhaps that had something to do with me passing the State and US Constitution exams with a perfect score in the seventh grade. They love America but more importantly, they understand its’ origins, the concepts of liberty, and our responsibility as citizens. Interestingly, most immigrants, coming after WWII and until the late 1980s had that attitude, cherishing America and grateful for its’ generosity and abundance.

Now we see the new wave of immigrants, coming on short-term work permits, taking no interest in the country in which they live and gives them bounty. This wave of “skilled immigration” has cheapened the Americans of Indian origin who paid their dues and made the commitment to uphold American society. From personal experience, I took an “Informatica” course (IT/Business Intelligence tool), hoping to move beyond a business analyst role into a technical one. I read everywhere that business managers with IT skills were unique and in high demand, commanding awesome salaries. After taking the online course, the advisor from the Indian firm, based in New Jersey, stated that I should remove the US Citizenship, US Naval Service, and my MBA credentials from my resume. She furthered that I could only expect $45K to start (I was already making $90K). Perhaps the job was for $90K but she was looking to pocket half, selling me off as cheap labor.

Hence, my profession became capped with all the “jobbers” running amok throughout the country, working on short term contracts, and sending all the money home. Moreover, they tend to group together in modern ghettos, not integrating into the American society like their highly paid and permanent counterparts.

Trump’s proposed changes to the H1-B, raising the minimum salary to $130K, would ensure that only the best and brightest are coming over and truly filling a critical need. These truly highly skilled and well-paid immigrants are not only more likely to become part of the American fabric but also uphold it, seen as peers among their colleagues. The respectability to Americans of Indian origin would be restored to where it was in the 1970s and 1980s. The tech jobs paying the current minimum of $65K should be filled by American college graduates, retrained at an IT boot camp or with the company investing into their training.

Diversity Means Division & Segregation

Recently, the US Military allowed some soldiers to wear turbans, embracing the divide into “communities” instead of unifying us as one nation. Everyone must give up something when joining the military, namely their individuality. Moreover, everyone changes in one form or another and the effects are life lasting. That is what makes the US Military so lethal and effective: cohesiveness built around purpose. Allowing for turbans and whatever else is visible sign that our melting pot has turned into a salad like. The home identity is more important than the American one. Hence, the distinctive parts stand out, like in Europe and Canada, rather than blend together like in America.

I liked the Navy because of the blind view towards its members. You are just a number and they only care about results. During those years, I realized just how American I was. My fellow Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines regarded me as such – unruly but a patriot nonetheless. ***

The French Foreign Legion accepts recruits from almost every country in the world, forging them into one cohesive unit: all speaking French and wearing the same Kepi Blanc (the distinctive white hat). Their goal is simply to uphold French policy when diplomatic means failed, delivering violence in the riskiest places on earth. No French Legionnaire gets special treatment.

Citizenship Standards

The citizenship exam, which allows them to take part in deciding the destiny of our nation, is a joke. I would never want to see American become like India in any way shape or form. The nation of vegetarians and spiritualists, through overpopulation, have encroached on wildlife habitats, causing mass extinctions and environmental havoc. (There used to be an abundance of lions, tigers, and elephants in India but mismanagement has almost wiped them out). Moreover, the nation is corrupted and most Indians have little regard for nature, fitness, and western values (source: me going to India every two years since I was two). The talk about being an emerging market and complying to the Paris Agreement is just that.

Moreover, not only has the H1-B program been blatantly abused since inception, but it also threatens the engineering profession in America. Using it as a cheap labor program deters American youth from taking up the demanding profession, fearing that they will be outsourced or chronically underpaid. Companies no longer want to invest in talent coming out of school but opt to take the shortcut, getting underpaid H1-Bs. The visa program was designed to fill critical skill shortages, not reshape the job market, depressing wages to the benefit of corporations, which are sitting on cash at an all-time high.

I recall studying for Physics and Applied Reactor Theory courses until all hours of the night, just to barely pass. It was the reality and a source of pride, making us productive workers. Americans, especially those who grew up in the heartland, are really great engineers and the most innovative in the world, explaining how we dominated patents for so long. That is where our innovative culture originates from: trying to boost the yields and better use limited resources. If we try to please India at the expense of our own people, America will end up like India. We don’t want that to happen.

Steve Bannon is very correct, are we country with borders and a distinct culture or just some location in a marketplace? (Write your Congressmen and President Trump that Steve Bannon must stay put.)


If we do not tighten the screws on immigration, bringing in only the best and brightest who truly fill a skill gap, and make US Citizenship as difficult as gaining admission to engineering school, 240 years of history – hard and fought for, will be written out and replaced.

Be aware that Social Media is trying to become smart media, steering the masses towards a common agenda using “forums,” instead of old school propaganda. People reinforce each other’s views without seeing others. It is important to balance your favorite feeds with ones that you despise so that you can keep balance.

Although the law says that everyone has the right to free speech, it is not true. If you depend on a job to pay a mortgage, that right becomes severely curtailed. Discussing religion and politics, the two things that matter most to our every day, suddenly become off limits at work. Instead, we must politely agree with the party line otherwise risking workplace ostracization, leading to joblessness and eventual homelessness.

Celebrities and other “influencers”, those who have truly free speech rights, neither care about nor live like us. The Paris Agreement supporters, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Just Bieber, and Pharrell Williams, travel in private jets and have several high-powered cars, polluting more than any of us could in a lifetime. Living in Norway, I can’t even afford a car.

Here is someone who speaks directly to my soul and, although living on 5th Avenue, seems to understand our pain. ***

Trump’s apprenticeship program: When I was young, this was a viable alternative to college, offering a middle-class career.

So, what is the agenda those, “influencing us, who never have to worry about a mortgage or holding a job? Note that Guy Kawasaki already blocked me on my regular account and once he discovers this article, this is the last I will see of him, so please keep me informed.

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