Liberal Intolerance in Review – An Update (31.1.2017)

(Updates added in the different sections below)

Raising “Minnesota”

Born in Minnesota and raised Liberal (Democrat), during the 70’s and 80’s, we stood for tolerance even if we didn’t agree with views presented; so long as those presenting were not inciting violence. Although my parents didn’t vote for Reagan, they respected his position and eventually grew to love him. His epic speeches and humor were inspirational and uplifting. A Liberal’s mind is open, tolerant and ready to accept facts: willing to change their point of view with new information.

The First Amendment of the US Constitution allows for peaceful assembly to voice concerns. It was designed to protect the unpopular minorities. The classic high school social studies and civics lessons differentiated using the following parables:

  • One actually can stand in a public park and read aloud from Mein Kampf but cannot yell fire in a movie theater for fun.
  • The KKK can march and assemble, chanting or making speeches, but cannot incite or carry out violence.

This is what democracy is all about! In a public place, people are going to say stuff that you don’t agree with. Live with it or move to North Korea where everyone thinks the same. Currently, as much as I love America, I actually disagree with proposed flag burning and desecration restrictions, which the current administration supports. As long as it is done in a safe manner, posing no public risk. America must allow for peaceful dissent in all forms, like it or not. That is what we are all about. America will lose itself if it bans flag burning. Our ideology, history and culture are much stronger than any symbol or object, no matter how magnificent. For example: If a football player makes a protest, it’s ok; we don’t have to attend the games or watch him on TV. (Anyway, I much prefer hanging around with friends, family, and relatives and watching local sports.)

To my disappointment, we see “tolerant and inclusive” liberals acting like the “conservatives of the past.” They are no longer well-read intellectuals, using reason and logic to delicately dissect a situation. Rather they parrot narratives from the mainstream media and Hollywood. They quickly jump online to buy ridiculous costumes, trying to be the coolest one at the protest, indifferent to people with real problems.

I often wondered if these “New Age Liberals” have parents. Then I recall that the American family has been systematically destroyed, leaving people vulnerable to manipulation. When I was young, watching the “Dukes of Hazzard,” my parents were present to interpret the antics, telling me that 1969 Dodge Charger cannot really fly nor you can’t run from the cops at lunch, only to meet them for a beer at happy hour several hours later.

The following incidents, in past days, are most telling of the irrationality, prevailing in today’s society:


Vagina Suits and Pussy Hats:

Considering that George Soros had a hand in organizing this global march, there may be a commercial angle as well, exploiting the emotions of the weak. The truly oppressed women (victims of human trafficking, sex slavery, gentile mutilation, forced marriage, infanticide etc.) didn’t benefit from this march. It appears the Transgender people are also quite upset, making the rally about gender!

Activism is not what you say, how you dress, or where you rally but actually what you do.

Source: Rebel Media: Gavin McInnes: (Click on Link to see Video) Man wearing a hijab and pussy hat on a hijab – I believe both actives are violating Islamic tennants.

Source: Slate Magazine, LinkedIn and Etsy.

Remember that Hillary gets no respect from her sexist husband. Where are the women’s marches for that?

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Adding insult to injury – Trumps poll numbers jumped! Keep marching!


Saturday Night Live – Katie Rich attacking Barron Trump:

Growing up, Saturday Night Live was a staple, growing up during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, Dana Carvey, Victoria Jackson and Eddie Murphy made us laugh. They impersonated Reagan, Bill Clinton, Bush Sr. in a way that was funny, no matter which side you were on. Now they have become hateful and vindictive:

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 6.48.11 PM

It took her three days to figure out that she was a sicko:



Gay Blog Threatens To Sue And Defame Milo (A Gay Trump Supporter from Sweden) After He Objects To ‘White Nationalist’ Lie (Issues Correction Anyway)


Death Threats:

This is illegal no matter who is president. Death threats, per the discussion above, are not free speech!

Clinton Family Friend Charged After Threatening To Kill Donald Trump On Twitter

Madonna remarking that she wanted to blow up the White House, even if it was a metaphor, it was poor taste.

Source: Breitbart

Swedish Politician Resigns After Calls To “Shoot Trump.”

Let’s not forget, Trump offered to drop the investigation on Hillary’s criminal activity after the election to mend the nation!

Liberal Men Physically Attacking a Woman (Lauren Southern)


Liberals Destroying Property Belonging to Immigrants


When I asked liberals about this, the first thing they did was fix the blame, stating it was the anarchists who did this and not the Trump Protestors. However, it’s strange they came out at the same time as the inauguration protests and Women’s March. Luckily the Trump supporters stepped in and helped this guy out.



Liberal Censorship

I cannot believe this. When I was a liberal, we absolutely opposed censorship! Even in super liberal Minnesota that supported Walter Mondale and Hubert Humphry, My elementary school teachers wheeled in a TV every time President Reagan spoke whether it be a full blown speech or a small statement.

Michigan, a fourth-grade class, will not be permitted to view the historical event.

The January 31, 2017 Oslo Demonstration Against President Trump’s Immigration Suspension from at risk countries. The Amnesty International organizer told me that this was a demonstration not a discussion when I asked if I could present an alternative view, helping open people’s minds. Moreover, everyone I spoke with confessed to not reading the executive order. (A video is in the works)


And the Grand Finally – Liberals Getting Violent:

Liberal blocking entrance to Trump’s inauguration:

Sources: Breitbart and Mail Online


And the list continues… I will keep adding to this page as more stories surface.

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