Interview with Vincent Baugh: American Republican Party in Norway – Public Relations Manager – Part 1 of 2

Vincent Baugh, an American living in Norway, for over twenty years tells me his story. I met him at the Trump inauguration party at the Hard Rock Café back in January. In addition to speaking fluent Norwegian, he is also the founder and public relations manager for the local Republican party.

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Vincent Baugh, PR Manager for Republicans Abroad Norway


  • How we met
  • Clarifications of his role in the party
  • Drinking Liberally Experiences in Oslo

Vincent’s Norway Story

Life in Chicago’s Southside

  • Attending a Nordic themed high school in Peoria, Illinois.
  • Initiation in the South Side of Chicago “Getting Jumped-In or Stomped”
  • Reflecting on life in America vs. Norway
  • How have things changed over the past 20 years?

Life as a US Marine

  • Joined after Vietnam era
  • Educated as an Electronics Engineer through the Marines
  • Everyone is “Green” despite the diverse backgrounds
  • Did the Marine experience help with life in Norway?

Continues to Part 2

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