Interviewing Erik Roberts: An American in Sweden – Part 2of 2

Erik Roberts, an American living in Western Sweden, continues to tell his story. My wife and I visited Erik in Gothenburg and we discuss what we saw and daily life. Housing, like everywhere else, is one of the main challenges. Although the politically correct culture is annoying, Sweden is still a good place to live.

Image result for Kentucky fried chicken gothenburg


  • Our visit to Gothenburg
  • KFC Chicken
  • Hot that day
  • The bus trips

The Eagle Scouts

What do you like most?

  • Travel around Europe
  • The beautiful women
  • All man’s right and nature

What do you find the most challenging?

  • What did you do in America (gave up some things)
  • Barriers of language
  • Housing
  • Fitting in
  • Envy and Recognition

Wrap Up

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