Interview with Vincent Baugh: American Republican Party in Norway – Public Relations Manager – Part 2 of 2

The interview continues with Vincent Baugh, discussing race relations in Norway vs. the USA. We also learn how he got involved with the Republican party and who he supports in Norwegian politics. We also discuss President Trump, Black Lives Matter, and European Media’s views on our president.

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Vincent at the Hard Rock Café, Celebrating Trump’s Victory and Inauguration

Race relations

Getting involved with the local Republican Party?

  • Learned Norwegian and passed the Bergen Test early. The Bergen test is required for those entering the medical, legal and government professions.
  • Are you a Republican or American first?
  • Can you tell us about the party, when they meet, how they are organized?
  • There are a lot of minorities who are members, including myself. (but I joined for Trump).
  • Where do you think things are going?

Discussing Current Politics

  • Why did you support DJT?
  • Did the Russian pay you to vote for Trump?
  • What are your thoughts now?
  • What do you think of Black Lives Matter?
  • What are your thoughts on European Media comparing Trump to Hitler?

Closing Thoughts

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