Gender Inequality Challenged

Gender inequality is a myth. Check your math!

In Norway,  we often hear about mandated quotas to get women on corporate boards but never hear about the performance of those companies against their global peers. The dynamic and innovative companies, both large and small, come from the United States, Japan, Germany, and Switzerland. The goal should be equal access to schools and the job market and not quotas. Quota’s in themselves promote discrimination by lowering standards for one group over another, creating resentment and calling into questions the credentials of those benefiting from quotas.

Source: Fortune Magazine. 

Only one of the 50 most dynamics women in the world hails from the Nordics. Annika Falkengren is the CEO of SEB, one of the least interesting and most undynamic institutions in the world. Inside sources tell me that SEB is a company, living up to Swedish public-private corporate standards, engaged in countless meetings with no one willing to take a decision. Hence most meetings end with plans for another one!

The fact is that if a woman is smart, driven and willing to work hard, there is nothing holding her back from achieving greatness. Equality is about getting everyone to the starting line and not trying to alter outcomes with quotas or government meddling.

These are the 40 largest companies in the Nordics according to Business Insider.  Number one on the list is a state-owned oil company, Volvo is Chinese owned, H&M makes nice clothes, Volvo is Chinese owned, Nordea is four failed banks merged into one and Securitas provides bouncers for the train stations.  Telenor, the Norwegian phone company, and Yara, which makes fertilizer, have been caught up in corruption scandals in recent times.  ICA Gruppen, Dansk Supermarked, and Norgesgruppen sell groceries. There are only two international cutting edge innovation leaders in this list: SKF Ball Bearings (precision manufacturing) and Novo Nordisk (pharmaceuticals).

There is more to corporate success than being politically correct at all costs!

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