Friday Humor: Liberals Going off the Deep End

Woman’s March Organizer Advocates Genital Mutilation

This is how Liberals respond to an opposing point of view:


Linda Sarsour, the organizer of the DC Woman’s March, advocates violence against a Harvard Professor and a Journalist.


About Ayaan Hirsi Ali – She went from forced bride to becoming a Harvard Professor. She narrates the two videos below:


About Brigitte Gabriel: She is the found of Act for America.

Black Reporter Called a “White Supremacist”

The liberals really have lost it. Anything or anyone who disagrees with them is a white supremacist, even if they are not white: 

Liberal’s Thoughts on Who Won the Super Bowl

This is why I “left the left.” Being Liberal meant being factual and accepting reality and then dealing with it. Now it means that if your Donald Trump’s friend, then you are not allowed to win. – They are losers!

Tom Brady and Donald Trump
Tom Brady is friends with Donald Trump so he should not win?

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