Friday Humor: Trump 300, Socialism’s Reality, Catapults and Northern Prostitution

This is “Trump’s” Sparta¬†

Mises Institute: The Goal Of Socialists Is Socialism – Not Prosperity

02/13/2017William L. Anderson:

About 40 years ago, economist Bruce Yandle went to Washington to work for the Council on Wage and Price Stability, ready to apply his knowledge of economics and educate his fellow workers. After all, he reminisces, one eye-rolling, head-scratching decision after another was coming from government regulators that surely someone versed in economics could expose as stupid, wasteful, and downright.

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ZeroHedge: Drug Catapult Discovered on the Mexico and Arizona Border 

While patrolling in Arizona last week, U.S. Border Patrol agents located a catapult near the Douglas Port of entry area that was being used to hurl marijuana from Mexico to the United States.

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Norway Today: Norwegian Government Warns Against Bartering Sex for Commodities 

In most other countries it is called prostitution but here in Norway the politically correct term is “bartering.”

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