Friday Humor: Norway’s Oil Origins and Sweden Reinstates the Draft

Friday Humor 3.3.2017

Who’s Your Daddy Norway!

Norway’s Oil Fund Contributing Jobs: But Wait, Who Found the Oil? Stein på Stein, my Norwegian language textbook states that all other oil companies gave up on exploring the Norwegian Shelf except one: an American company. Phillips Petroleum pressed on, finding success for Norway. Norway may contribute almost 500,000 jobs for America, but one company made that wealth fund possible. That is a lesson in American spirit and determination, driven by stubborn conviction. If you believe it is out there and willing to put in the effort, you will find it.  American has done a lot for many nations and now it’s time for them to take care of their own people.

From Stein På Stein: All incoming immigrants with aspirations of permanent residency learn this lesson!

Sweden Draft’s Male and Female Millennials to Combat Russian Threat

Sweden reinstated the draft. Vladimir Putin must be laughing pretty hard this morning. I know that I was. We finally see tangible effects of America First; Europe is taking more responsibility for itself. Nevertheless, can you imagine a joint European fighting element consisting of a German Captain, Belgian Lieutenant, and Spanish Sergeant, leading conscripts from Sweden, Estonia, and Portugal? The debates on which language to use and who should be in charge are going to be interesting. However, that is not our (America’s) problem.

A message to young Swedes, grown up in the socialist state. Conscription means that you must join and do your duty, upholding the state that made your standard of living possible. Despite the current problems, it is still one of the highest in the world. Also, the US Army Rangers proved that gender neutrality in a fighting element is a myth. The video below illustrates what happens when men and women meet in an open combat situation without any political correctness to narrate the battle.

War is about delivering violence and killing the enemy. Not about distributing teddy bears and coloring books. Sweden and the rest of Europe need volunteers, with strong conviction, to combat the Russian threat. Not big city millennial conscripts who will seek a safe space when the mortars and rounds start coming in.

It looks like Norway is starting to pay up as well 

Today, Norway increased their budgetary commitment to defense over the next twelve years.


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