Friday Humor: Nordic PC is no Longer Funny – It’s Dangerous

During the past week, we saw that terrorism, rooted in radical Islam, is real and taking lives. Instead of making practical changes in policy to vet immigrants and safeguard the Swedish citizens and legal resident, the Swedish government, once again, responds with naivety. However, this time, it is no longer a laughing matter. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of Western civilization via suicidal policies.

By stopping postal or any other government services, needed by a majority of law-abiding residents in the locale, they are giving the terrorists a victory. Furthermore, they are allowing them to effectively take over.

“Dear Swedes, it is not racist to ensure that the law applies to everyone equally and those breaking it should be subject to punishment.  It is racist when rules are applied differently, based on ethnic background.”

ZeroHedge Postal Service Suspended In Swedish “No-Go” Zone Because It’s “Not Safe”

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – APRIL 08: Armed police stand on guard at the scene of the terrorist truck attack in downtown Stockholm on April 8, 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo by Michael Campanella/Getty Images)

“Cars and other vehicles “have turned into deadly weapons”, and should be banished from cities to stop attacks like the one in Stockholm from happening in future – Aftonbladet editorialist Eva Franchell.

Although humorous on the first inspection, it is not funny. This response illustrates Sweden’s inability to cope with reality. Long back, when I lived in Sweden, working one year for Ericsson, I befriended a Swedish policewoman. She told me that naivety is part of the national character. When challenged with the notion that such an attitude could get people killed, she could not respond.

The Nordic socialist ideology likes to preach a self-righteous and altruistic agenda but they really don’t like to be challenged, especially with logic and facts. If you are in Sweden and reading this, it is time to rise up, voting in political parties that will protect western values while being pragmatic about economic growth. The American Revolution was won with only 30% support (the other 30% stood with Britan and the rest didn’t care).

Wear your flag and be proud of your history.  Be outspoken and call out the injustice. Ironically those suffering at the hands of radical Islam in Sweden are those living in cut-off suburbs, unable to get help and break away.  There are good people, many of which are middle eastern immigrants, in Rinkeby who want to be productive citizens but living in fear of local gangs.  Also have a vision of the future, allowing you to maintain the socialist society with a strong export economy, supported by hard working industrious people.  Those with a sense of purpose should be allowed to climb the economic ladder without social stigma.  All eyes in the western world are on Sweden to uphold our values and way of life.


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