Friday Humor: Khat Seizures Double at Oslo Gardermoen

(Translated from Dagbladet) from Khat or “Somali Weed” seizures doubled since last year in Norway. On Monday, a 24-year-old was taken by Norwegian Customs at Oslo Airport with 20 kilos of fresh Khat and 16 kilos of dried Khat in the luggage. He came by plane from Kenya.

Source: Al Jazeera

Gardermoen (Oslo Intl. Airport) accounted for 80 percent of the Khat seizures nationwide in the first half of 2017, said the Customs Administration.

Source: Norwegian Customs

After the Netherlands and the United Kingdom banned Khat, seizures fell substantially in Norway. The smugglers now appear to have used new air routes to Norway from Africa and the Middle East, says Tor Fredriksen, Head of Section in the Customs Union.

Like everything else in Norway, weed of all origins is expensive here.

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