Free Speech in the Social Democracy

Today at work, I wanted to start a dialog on a closed message board for labor union members only, discussing President Trump’s view on skilled immigration abuses and practices. They immediately keyed in the word “Trump” and ignored the rest of the story which cited the fact that American Disney workers had to train their Indian replacements who would live onshore but cost less.

The suppression of free speech is not the only problem. Two generations of social democracy have “domesticated” a high percentage of the population into compliance, believing only what is said in mainstream media: VG, Aftenposten, Dagens Nyheter, etc. From the outside looking in Norway appears to be utopia but on the inside, there are many sacrifices one must make to ensure the system continues, namely keeping your mouth shut and going with the program. However, they must be mindful that innovation is born out of rebellion.

However, “they” must be mindful that innovation is born out of rebellion. Culture will cease to adapt to new realities and conditions without someone taking an opposing view.

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