Fourth of July Celebration in Oslo, Norway at Frogner Park

The Annual Event

Every year, the American Chamber of Commerce puts on a 4th of July Celebration in the Frogner Park in Oslo. It is like a typical American celebration with music, classic cars, a lot of food, activities for the children, and political parties. Everyone was having a good time. I spent my time around the political tents. I decided to do this unedited and unscripted podcast because there were some things that I saw that was just too funny not to share. Referring the show notes, I wanted to go through a few pictures, offering some commentary on what I saw.

My Stance on Politics

I see politics as something necessary to be discussed since it affects our lives. Thomas Jefferson himself stated that we, the citizenry, must be involved for our nation to stand. I am neither a Democrat or Republican but just an American. My voting record is as follows:

  • 1988 – Michael Dukakis
  • 1992 & 1996 – Bill Clinton
  • 2000 – Al Gore
  • 2004 – George W. Bush Jr.
  • 2008 – Barack Obama
  • 2012 – Gary Johnson
  • 2016 – Donald J Trump

As you can see, I am left-wing and liberal: open minded enough to give Trump a chance, recognizing the corruption in my own political party.

The Picnic in Pictures

This year, I hung out with the Republicans. Last year, I was very skeptical about all political parties, thinking that the Republicans were going to pick a sure loser, ensuring Hillary’s win. (i.e. the Manchurian Candidate). The diverse group of Oslo Republicans were having a good ol’ time.

Even the Norwegian police, most of whom hail from outside Oslo, were enthusiastic. I have to say that the Republicans of Norway were very laid back and enjoying life.

Both Parties had life size pictures of prominent members of their party. The Democrats chose to have both Hillary and Obama, showing that they are still living in the past and hoping for a revote or something. The life-size Trump photo was almost as popular as the president himself. There was even a line at times to take a picture with the picture.

The Democrats, on the other hand, were desperately trying to sell campaign propaganda: Clinton – Kaine t-shires, buttons, water bottles, etc. There was one t-shirt that really irritated me. It said POTUS, which means President of the United States but the “O” had a plus sign at the bottom – the universal symbol for a woman. All I can say is that to get elected President of the United States, a candidate needs more than a vagina and a powerful husband. We are not living in some Latin American or African banana republic where lineage is all that matters. We live in America and our leaders must have real credentials and decisive behavior to get into the White House and run the country.

The Democrats, observing the choice of buttons, appear to be bitter in addition to being stuck with a lot of unwanted and unsold merchandise.

The Democrats decided to display the lady in an American flag hijab. All I can say is that if I were a woman, with a strong will and own point of view, I would be terrified of the Democrats. The Democrats really lost me here when they departed from being pro-American, turning into globalists. Under Obama’s watch, Chicago disintegrated. I went to school there and now they call it Chiraq. The Democrats suffer from a serious lack of critical reasoning and decision making skills.

If you ask them a scenario question like: a man in Chicago needs $100 for a medical procedure that could save his life or a person in Syria needs the same money for a boat ticket to Europe, also saving his life, who should get the money if you are an American leader? They either can’t answer the question or tell you both. They do not understand the limitations of resources or the fact that decisions always disappoint someone. When you try to do both, you lose both in the end. We can see this logic, or lack thereof playing out with the Obamacare exchanges, the disintegration of the American cities, and the swelling deficits under the Obama administration.


This sign from the Democrats is very Arbeidspartiet in nature: “You can hang out with us as long as you don’t disagree with us.” This is an insult to Liberals, like myself, who believe that we must hear all points of view before making a decision. We must live by the guiding principles of the Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Final Thoughts

Don’t subscribe to any single party. Watch the individual people from within. Make your own decisions. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. The Democrats are basically turning into fascists, taking intellectual shortcuts and filling in the gaps with authoritarianism. The Republicans need an equal amount of vigilance but have Donald Trump to keep them on their toes.

We have to give President Trump credit for fighting two political parties and mainstream media. So far, it appears that he wiped out two of the three. We must stand behind him. After these celebrations, write your congressman and tell them that America is a country with borders and our own people must come before others.

I am Thankful to be American on this day in 2017!

Please note that I am not affiliated or working with any political party. These views are my own. If you have such views, then you are on the correct website. 

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