Introducing Finance Attitude: a Website That “Shows you the Money”

Real-time and Free!

Recently, we exchanged links with Finance Attitude, adding to our list of reputable partners. Investment-oriented, the blog provides a wealth of financial information and news. The website, conveniently divided into five main categories, covers financial markets, market data, investing, personal finance and more. The final category offers other useful financial data and investment tools, further subdivided into separate niche topics such as indices, forex, stocks, commodities, ETF’s, bonds, economic calendars and financial calculators for day traders and investors, etc.

The site’s motto, “Shows you the Money” is fitting and the most interesting sections, by far, are the real-time quotes and the crypto-currency section. It includes not only quotes but also commentary and updates. Finance Attitude compliments Letters from Norway, offering extensive US and international market data. We hope that one day we can offer such real-time data, covering the Norwegian market.

We are very honored to be associated with Finance Attitude. No matter where you are from or what your affiliations: the website will be valuable in this most challenging investment environment.


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