“Feeling Trumpy” Today: The 2016 Inauguration and Beyond

Since the election 72 days, I have been riding on a wave of euphoria. Every time he jabbed at the Democrats, Republicans, the media, China or Europe, it was like watching the young Mike Tyson do a 30-second knockout.

We finally got someone in Washington that understands, with conviction from the heart, that the money the government spends originates from the taxes paid by hard working people. President Trump worked over Thanksgiving and Christmas, as many Americans do in 24/7 operations, securing jobs and making key appointments. Donald Trump’s “lack of political experience” is already bearing fruit: Lockheed reducing costs on the F-35.

Although the jobs saved are mostly symbolic, with respect to the overall economy, and the number of jobs created that he can take credit for is questionable, the discussion about American jobs (real ones, not waitress and bartender ones) is finally on the table! Nevertheless, I am not naïve, I am sure that, in this grand bargain, he has an angle: building his brand. However, I believe we (America) will get something in return.

Trump’s transition was measured like a business!

The concept of a country: Those of us who grew up connected to agriculture and industry (most of Generation X), understand the world in tangible and physical terms:

  • One reaps what they sew,
  • Honesty is the best policy,
  • The early bird catches the worm,
  • Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,
  • A dollar saved is a dollar earned.
  • My favorite quote is from Admiral Hyman G Rickover, father of the US Navy Nuclear Program, “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, even if it cuts through six Admirals.”

Patriotism was respected, family and friends were most important, and for those who were religious, their devotion was admirable. Most people strived to be decent, defining themselves through hard work and reliability. It was easy to measure who was pulling their weight and who wasn’t.” all you had to do was “look inside the shed:” if it was full, you did an honest day’s work, if it wasn’t – you didn’t. We understood that nature had a limited capacity and boundaries, which had to be respected, or we could not sustain society for the long term.

What I fail to understand is that Norway and Canada deport people for breaking the rules and criminality, but they are regarded as humanitarian paradises. When Donald Trump discussed the concept of a country, he was branded a racist!

No Political Experience is Refreshing! Today savvy means being a political person versus a clever one. Only likeability matters and not bottom line results. (Politics is an agenda other than improving efficiency or winning). Instead of working overtime to perfect an invention, people get ahead by partying and wasting company money with the “right people.” I believe that is called networking. These concepts came out of nowhere and blindsided my generation: the one who went from home phones to smartphones.

Image result for man on the moon neil armstrong photo
My elementary school was named after Neil Armstrong!

Throughout my school years, I was told to be remarkable and given examples of Henry Ford, Neil Armstrong, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and Ronald Reagan amongst many others. It was important to keep promises. They taught us that reputations were a combination of personality and credibility. Patriotism was commended: loving your country and trying to make it a better place. My Mother constantly remarks, “everything turned upside down: parents must salute children, and obvious criminals can arrest policemen.”

It appears that political correctness culture emerged out of the information age. It became much more difficult to measure tangible output (i.e. likes and page views versus actual dollars earned). In fact, measuring real output became either “racist” or “sexist.” Earning a reputation through merit got lost. Those who were good at what they did, reaping the rewards from will-power and determination, and expressing themselves enthusiastically became “narcissists.”

Patriots became nationalists and racists. We must accept that people from abroad, who never paid into our system or have no love for our country, are somehow entitled to our bounty while many of our own hurt but still follow the rules. President Trump’s open remarks about the obvious are welcome.

Relating to Donald Trump: Despite being a prince and a showman, he is remarkably human and someone people can relate to: taking care of his family and friends. Perhaps Norwegians are put off by his tone but they should focus on the actions and his actual words than how he says it:

Although known for partying he mostly studied and went home to his family:

I personally don’t drink anymore and see Trump as setting a good example:

Like myself, he values his family above all else. His children turned out great despite having all the opportunities to become like the Hilton children.

He is a hands-on and frontline leader. Before taking a personal interest in Carrier and Ford, he got his hands dirty.

Skipping Davos was perhaps his single greatest gesture during the 72-day transition period: sending a clear signal that he is on our side and willing to fight the globalists. (Davos is an annual convention where billionaires, celebrities, and socialists try to figure out new ways to screw America)

Thank you for winning President Trump – it feels good to be an American again!

If you voted for Trump or didn’t and now wish you did, the fight is just beginning. The arrogant Globalists, like Soros and Kerry, are going to do all they can to make him fail. Just like you have church groups and sports club meetings, it is important to invest some time calling, writing and meeting with your elected officials, ensuring that America remains first and foremost!


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