My Experience with Race Relations Part 1 of 3

Introduction (0:00 – 1:20)

  • Welcome
  • Most un-PC Episode ever
  • Why am I talking about this?

The Irrational Extremes are One in The Same. (1:21 – 10:18)

Neither extreme presents economic or logical arguments that embrace scientific, mathematical, historical, and economic truths. It’s pretty cool that America defeated both the Nazi’s and the Communists.

  • Communist Liberals Want to Kill Western Civilization

  • Nazi Conservatives Want to Impose a Draconian Ethnocentric Society. They keep forgetting who won WWII and why their ideology failed in the end. They are a group of “but if” people.

  • How Conservatism can win
    • Focus on economic arguments,
    • Immigration reform
    • Tougher standards for citizenship
    • Education

Replacement Policy vs. Highly Skilled Immigration (10:19 – 15:00)

  • The alt-right have a legitimate argument about the replacement policy, currency underway in Europe. However, every society had minorities.
    • Immigration should be merit based and
    • Demand loyalty and a high-degree of conformity.
  • The need for those who are truly highly-skilled and gifted.

Who is the Silent Majority? (15:01 – 20:40)

“Just-Right” Conservatism, based on founding principles, but accounts for today’s reality. It is economically focused but recognizes that a nation has borders, culture, and laws based on historical reference.

  • Nation first policy,
  • Recognize merit and embrace hard work,
  • Sensible immigration policy that fills domestic needs,
  • Diversity not multi-culturalism – there is a difference,
  • Focus on fiscal policy and domestic self-reliance,
  • Limited government.

Part 2/3 next week

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