Why are Elephants and Tigers Killing One Person Per Day in India?

Recently, Norway Today published: Elephants and tigers kill one person every day in India. I wanted to add some context to the story.

India is a mess. Despite the BRICs hype, the country is heading for a human disaster. The greatest culprit is India’s ability to produce food. Hence, the human disaster will not be starvation but rather a lack of drinking water and sanitation, leading to widespread disease and perhaps civil breakdown as politicians try to win support by defying the national government to secure resources for their constituents.

However, the greater tragedy taking place now is the move towards extinction of two iconic creatures. Although the majority of Hindus in India do not believe in killing or eating animals, they appear not to have any issue swiping habitat from them,  killing them indirectly instead. That is the reality in India – see what you want to see and protect yourself from reality with ideology.

India’s overpopulation problem will do more harm to the environment than American withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

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