Cyber Attacks and Personal Responsibility

There is no doubt that the Russians hacked the Democrats and Hillary Clinton’s email servers. They are the only ones with both the skill and motive. Russian’s are among the best and most talented programmers in the world. Moreover, many have a free spirited personality combined with a strong sense of country, ironically like their American counterparts.

Twitter: Congressman John Cornyn (Texas – Republican)

Like in 9-11, there was a lapse of responsibility from our side as well. Apparently, the hacking was going on for a long time, but neither the President or the Congress seemed to care. It only became an issue when Donald Trump won the election. That is not to justify what the Russian’s did was right but more to say it should have been predicted and prevented. Terrorism, spying, hacking and general attacks against America are constants – an ever-present threat. If there is something worth taking, there will be someone out there looking to grab it. Additionally, the USA also engages in offensive cyber warfare so we must also expect the same in return.

Auadacious: The Wimbledon Prowler, who is still at large, is pictured above on CCTV taken in March 2013

Source: The Daily Mail – The Wimbledon Prowler (Vladimir Putin moonlighting?) – Burglars are always looking for unlocked doors!

Blaming the Russians for a successful hack is like using “the dog ate the homework excuse.” Fido, the family dog, is always looking to chew something and cannot be blamed for his behavior. It is what he does, driven by instinct, and expected. The same applies to the Russians, Iranians, Chinese, the 400 pound fat guy, and whoever else that is trying to “climb the fence and look inside.”

Another and simpler analogy: Your insurance company will not reimburse you for burglary if you left your doors unlocked. You must prove that there was forced entry. Hence there is responsibility we must assume for our property, securing it against theft and intruders.

Hence, when hackers and crooks succeed, we must look inward on how it happened: fixing the problem and not the blame!

Dank, Democratic Party, and Russian: Democratic Party "Fucking Russian Hackers" ~Myagooshki
Source: LinkedIn Post

The United States of America has several agencies dedicated to securing our infrastructure. Generally, they do a pretty good job, detecting, tracing and cutting off intruders. They can even hit them back pretty hard like they did with Iran. However, when Hillary Clinton decided to become a “do it yourself” IT specialist, hosting her own infrastructure, she got hit. If she had followed the rules, her private emails would have most likely not made it to Wikileaks. Then she would have only lost the election for being a boring and disingenuous. Nevertheless, her impropriety made it to Wikileaks, and they seem to be quite believable, acting as a massive repository of unfiltered information for the public to disseminate into useful information.

Personally, like many Americans, I was dead set against Hillary Clinton since 1998. She should have divorced her husband and stood on her own feet as Hillary Rodham instead of accepting the infidelity. By doing so, she set a bad example for women, indirectly stating that it’s ok to look the other way if money and power are at stake.

I believe that without Wikileaks, Donald Trump would have still won. However, he would have had to have spent more on his campaign and perhaps tried a little harder, rehearsing his speeches beforehand. Also, it could be argued that if the Billy Bush video did not leak, Donald Trump would have run away with the election much earlier.

Going forward, it is important that the government agencies and their leaders, responsible for the security lapse, are held to account. Investigations will reveal, like they did with 9-11, that there was a government work culture problem that must be corrected. President Trump, proactive as usual, has already taken the initiative to tackle this problem right away.


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