Friday Humor: Norwegian Media vs. Trump

Norwegian media, getting it wrong. The proposed health care reform was not by Trump but by Paul Ryan, an inter-party rival. Ryancare is not Trumpcare! Local media, in Oslo, are always looking for bad news. Why didn’t they broadcast these two speeches, direct from the …

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Friday Humor: Make Somalia Great Again

Stephen Schwartz, the Obama-appointed U.S. ambassador to Somalia, gave President Mohamed Abdullahi an unusual gift after two days of meetings: A blue-and-white cap bearing the slogan “Make Somalia Great Again.” Continue Reading Meanwhile the Prime Minister is in trouble with the Norwegian government who feels …

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Friday Humor: Liberals Going off the Deep End

Woman’s March Organizer Advocates Genital Mutilation This is how Liberals respond to an opposing point of view: Linda Sarsour, the organizer of the DC Woman’s March, advocates violence against a Harvard Professor and a Journalist. About Ayaan Hirsi Ali – She went from forced bride to …

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Friday Humor: Déjà vu: Bill Clinton’s Speech on Illegal Immigration

Remember this speech. He got a standing ovation. “We are a nation of immigrants but we are also a nation of laws” – Bill Clinton State of the Union: January 23, 1996! I’m speechless! [wps-social-ninja global-settings=”0″ show-count=”0″ show-before-post-content=”0″ show-after-post-content=”0″ align=”left” social-engines=”facebook,twitter,linkedin,googleplus,reddit” layout=”wps-sn-layout-round” /]

Friday Humor: Global Racism Index

Economic and trading group, Insider Monkey, has combined the findings from two separate surveys in race relations and compiled a ranking of the 25 most racist countries. Although racism is no laughing matter, the survey results are quite surprising. (My parents come from India but …

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